Sparkles or Sparkling light?

Okay here we go again.
I haven’t had this symptom in almost a year, and it ALWAYS involves bending the head over.
When I come up, I see what reminds me of the sparklers we used on the 4th of July as kids,
but with the speed of say fireflies coming and going in the summer. The sparkles are not directly in front
of my eyes, they are off to the sides.

I do not think this is migraine, but I want to do some research on Google. I just don’t know how to word it.
I think it might have to do with lack of blood or oxygen to the brain?


Google “Floaters” - thats what it sounds like to me.


I orginally said “Floaters are harmless”, but I just googled it and discovered they aren’t always benignly based. Sorry.

They way you described it Heather, is somewhere between “floaters” and what I see with migraine aura.