Has anyone experienced spasms as part of their symptoms?
I had a regular one in my right eyebrow area which seemed to go away but the latest one is my left forefinger seems to have started twitching I was wondering if anyone had experienced something similar ?
I went through all the testing at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear hospital caloric test , VNG, VEMP etc and was diagnosed . I then sought a second opinion from Dr SURENTHIRAN who concurred and I am now under his care.
I must admit I have just spent a long time travelling over the past three days including 2 flights and a 5 hour train ride.
I would appreciate anyone’s input.


I will occasionally get muscle “twitches” as opposed to spasms. They’re most frequent while I’m lying down trying to sleep, and either my whole body twitches or just my neck (not the type of twitch where you are almost asleep and jerk awake/feel like you’re falling). Occasionally if the dizziness is bad my whole body will twitch while I’m sitting up, which is not fun. But they’re not a lot all in a row or short period of time.