Speaking of brain damage - have you had these sensations?


One of the reasons I had a freak out reading Catlee’s post last night was because when I was real sick i had some extremely disturbing sensations in my brain which made me certain something terribly wrong was going on.

The first was an enormously intense tingling sensation, like when a limb is falls asleep and it’s so bad that it hurts. It felt like my brain had fallen to sleep. It would come in waves and all i could do was wait for it to pass because I could massage it, couldn’t shake it and it was so horribly painfully uncomfortable.

The second was much worse, i hate to even think about it. You know that adrenal pain you get in your gut, or in your chest. I got that in my brain. but it wasn’t for just a moment. It would last and it was painful. Not headache pain - adrenalin pain inside my brain. I finally figured out that if i could get my focus off of my brain and onto another part of my body it would help it subside for awhile.

Anybody else ever have anything so weird? I’m ready to place bets on this one.


I have had the tingling on just one side, never the entire head. I think thats called parathesia.

ninds.nih.gov/disorders/pare … thesia.htm

The other sensation you describe I haven’t had but then maybe I just don’t understand what you are describing.
None the less, I don’t want it either. I have enough, thank you very much… :slight_smile:


right, but paresthesia is a sensation of the skin. this was similar in quality, although much more intense, in my brain, not on the skin, in my brain. maddening.

I get a “buzzing” feeling in my head at times. Never painful. Just annoying.

I don’t get it very often, but just recently its started happening again. It only lasts for 10-15 seconds. I could only describe it as a buzzy, almost tingly feeling, but its definitely inside. I also, just started having distorted hearing at times again. Again, its only my voice that sounds distorted, not others. It too only last for a few seconds, thankfully.

Its crazy, the amount of different symptoms. I truly don’t think I could list them all at one time. But it sure is good to know I’m not alone.


At my worst, I felt that my brain was in ‘overdrive’ as the day went by so did the brain activity increase, I could physically feel my brain in overload and by early afternoon, I quite frequently had to go lie down on the bed head in hands and close my eyes to settle the overactivity. It physically made me feel sick and was quite frightening. I really wouldn’t have been surprised if it led to a seizure although it never did. I hated going to bed at night because I knew my brain was in overload and instead of that slow, subtle change of one sleeping level moving into another, well mine went from this incredible overactivity to what I could only describe as sudden onset of sleep but was disturbing in the fact that I felt I was just about to become unconscious. It took months for that feeling to finally dissipate and if I didn’t have the Klonopin I honestly don’t know how I could have made it through that stage. My son has just been diagnosed in the past 2 years with JME (juvenile myoclonic epilepsy) and I just think my overactive brain activity and my sons has uncanny similarities although my neurologist said - totally different thing. Yeh…well try living through it (all due respect to my neuro cause I really like him).

Kim - that buzzing vibration i still get, but is subsiding gradually. I think it’s best not to feel anything in your brain, don’t you? But that intense tingling - there’s got to be a better word for it, was different. it came in intense tsunami like waves that felt unbearable.

Jude - bingo. I felt like my brain was on overdrive - worse as the day went on. Sometimes I felt as if my would blow right out the top. I had a ton of Valium available to me and i tried taking 10 mg a couple of times but it didn’t touch it - not when i was already geared up. But I do think that the steady state of Klonopin I have in my system now has helped keep that feeling calmed down. I also felt sometimes like i would just go into a seizure. My mom started seizing when she was in her 60’s. I’m not sure if that’s something some older people just start doing - well, heck, i’m not THAT much younger than she is, at 54. I’m with you,that was really bad. I asked my husband numerous times if he thought i was manic. Of course I wasn’t acting manic - I said, well I’m extremely introverted - I’m a “silent manicker” :mrgreen: He asked what it felt like and he would nod his head and say, well, yea, somebody would probably treat you with those symptoms.

I’m glad you guys aren’t suffering as badly for now. Thanks for the input.


And Jude, did you know that Klonopin has the strongest anti-seizure properties of all the benzos, except for maybe Tranxene.

Julie, that’s exactly what got me thinking that with my own personal experiences with an ‘overloaded’, ‘overactive’ brain, the anti-seisure properties might just be what I needed, and guess what??? It was exactly that! Long live Mr. K.
:stuck_out_tongue: Regards

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Long live Mr. K.

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Mr. K and Sir Topamax are my new best friends (no offense Jude) :lol:

Jul, I’m not greedy, I can accommodate your new best friends too, Mr. K happens to be one of my best friends too!! Jude :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s right - they’ll be dancing on the table with us!

Sorry I missed this post.

Hi Juls , Judy, and kim, everyone.

Well I defiantly have this overloaded scrambling of brain activity, that’s what use to frighten me and give me panic attack!
Because I knew something was terribly wrong.
Now I just ride through it,
It’s the one symptom I know is defiantly the beginning of my mig,
After the mig come the drunken calm feeling,

Juls do you mean, like a scratching inside the brain?

Mine starts at the neck and tingles painfully up in a line to the top of the scull. (Right side only)
Like some traveling, electric shock. When it gets to the top of my head I jump with shock.
forgot to say, it will happen for hours , over and over again.

Boy oh boy we are a bloody mess.
No wonder people don’t understand.


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Juls do you mean, like a scratching inside the brain?

Mine starts at the neck and tingles painfully up in a line to the top of the scull. (Right side only)
Like some traveling, electric shock. When it gets to the top of my head I jump with shock.
forgot to say, it will happen for hours , over and over again.

Boy oh boy we are a bloody mess.
No wonder people don’t understand.


— End quote

I wouldn’t call it a scratching, more like an intense tingling, like a limb that has fallen asleep, but the rest of your description is right on, except it never has reached the point of feeling like a shock (thank God). It would just come in waves and then subside on its own. But it does feel like electricity/numbness/tingling traveling around my brain.

Thanks for the input.

By the way every one, I was just reading on migraine connection, Terri Roberts? (Migraine expert) said these white lesions don’t appear to cause any probs , well not as far as they can tell.
But it dose make me wonder why some of us have very bad memory.
And she said the lesions can be very deep inside the brain, and an MRI is best to detect them. Better than a CT I’ve never had a CT only MRI’s 3 in 15 years.

Also I often wonder about the Mobile phones causing some of our migs , I had my mobile phone stolen on my weekend away , and I’ve been happier with out the rotten thing.
I’m thinking of not replacing it, neurologist in oz are saying they’ve seen more and more cases of brain and acoustic neuroma tumor over the past 10 years than ever before. Every time I use my mobile I have intense burning pain around my ear and head, and get soooo much more dizzier.
God help the telecommunication companies in years to come.
Call me paranoid but it has to make you wonder?