Specs lenses

In my search to find out why my vertigo attacks (after over 20 years) have just become more frequent and longer) I talked to my optician who had just made up some glasses (which I found distorted at the edges) these were a sort of plastic lense, he is now making them up in polycarbonate lenses (rimless) but at the same time said that it is usually polycarbonate lenses that cause more trouble. When I got home I realized that I had my other glasses changed last May to polycarbonate lenses and I am now wondering if this could be the cause of so much migraine and vertigo getting worse over the months (although it did seem to worsen after a flight last September)

Has anyone got any experience with polycarbonate or plastic lenses?

I where glasses, but I have never payed attention to what the material is that they are made of. I have always tried to make sure that my lenses were made out of the material that safety glasses are required to be made out of is all that I know for sure. I do know that my safety glasses at work can make things worse on my bad days but that is due to the extra weight of the side shields being palced on my nose.

I don’t know what my lenses are made from, but I know that I had really terrible trouble after changing my glasses since I’ve had MAV. I perservered for a month with a new pair and then couldn’t wear them any more. The optician knew something about vestibular illnesses and suggested that the differing shape of different lenses will refract the image differently on the back of your eye, meaning that your brain has to get used to a new picture. It makes a lot of sense, and I got new glasses made up into the same shape as my old lenses - it solved the problem.
This may not be your problem but your glasses could well be causing increased problems.
Best wishes

Hi Tess,

Yes the optician had made my new glasses up in a plastic where the edges were distorted (he said my old glasses were a lot more curved). Anyway, he is making them up again with polycarbonate lenses. Trouble is, my vertigo seems to have got worse since the polycarbonate glasses last year. Maybe it has nothing to do with it. I tried wearing my old plastic lense glasses for two days and cant say I felt much different with those.