Spinal Tap in 2 days and I'm a wreck!

Weds. is my big day for my Spinal Tap with Dr. Gray. I’m beside myself with a ton of emotions. I’ve been worse the past month and I think it’s bc I got off the Cymbalta. I’m so worried the spinal tap is not going to work plus I’m not really thrilled about the procedure itself. I know I’m doing the right thing by going but I just can’t shake the anxiety. I’ve had this crap for seven months and like so many of us I’m really miserable.
I guess if I don’t have a CSF pressure problem then I will try to go back on the Cymbalta and add Depokte?

I hope it goes well for you, I’m curious to hear how it turns out. I don’t think I have a csf problem as I’ve never had a spinal or anything but my doctor did mention thAt I may need a lp ( same thing I think) to look for other things?

Hey Pharmgirl-thank you! A lumbar puncture is the same thing as a spinal tap.

of course you have anxiety…it would scare me too! Hit the benzos until you get your procedure…no sense suffering needlessly. It’s important to get your sleep, eat right, and keep as calm as possible as to not irritate an already irritable brain!
It’ll be fine…you’ve just got your flight/fight thing going on …put some water on the fire…namely, benzos!

Hello Elisha,

Trust me when I tell you that the MAV is much worse than the LP. Remember that from those who had the LP as part of the Duke study 3 of 4 people had high pressure, and the remainder had low pressure. 83% of MAV patients who had the LP, and who had fluid either added or reduced felt significantly better.

They use lidacane to numb the area, so there is not much pain, and if you do feel anything, they will use more, so you just have to speak up. It is really more stressful than painful, but they are using CT guidance, so they know exactly where they are. As you know, I have been back several times, so many pokes…if I can do it, anyone can!

Thank you Kelley, you are right. I need to up the valium for the next few days for sure. Very good advice.

“Inafog” I can not tell you have much your support and optimistic attitude has helped me. I really appreciate it! I can’t wait to write you with some (hopefully) really good news. I hope you had a wonderful vaca in Hawaii and those darn patches better hold up for you!!! :slight_smile:

Wishing you all the very best.

Good luck! And yes, benzos to help with the nerves beforehand.

Good luck,take deep breathes.I hope all goes well for you.I had a lumbar puncture many years ago and it was no big deal.
I do hope this helps you!

Thank you’ll!


I wanted to wish you luck tomorrow. I hope everything goes ok and it’s not too bad for you :slight_smile:

Take care,

Thanks Donna!

That’s very sweet Shelley! Thank you! Did you see my post about my results?

Saw this thread yesterday, and wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking about you today and hope everything went well.
~ Shelly