Spinning or not

who here has never had spinning vertigo.
I havent.
jen 13 years

i’ve never had spinning vertigo

— Begin quote from “Julie”

i’ve never had spinning vertigo

— End quote

Hi Julie, do your symptoms go away on car trips? and then return as soon as the car stops,
do you get the head pain of the migriane?
did your rocking wobbling , start with a boat plane trip?
the reason I’m asking the silly questions is,
I cant believe how many people here have similar if not identical
symptoms to mal de debarquement, even tho we are diagnosed with mav,
I know what dr hains has talk about MDds being a possible migriane variant.
but alot of my pen pals from the mal de debaquement group think mav only starts with true vertigo,
so they wonder through their illness never finding out how to cue this mdds. it’s realy sad.

Hey Jen,

I haven’t been able to travel in over 16 months, only doc appts, drugged with Valium, so I can’t judge those symptoms. BUT, when my symptoms were less severe, yes, i didn’t notice them while the car was moving, but when the car came to a stop, they would stir up. In fact, I found myself always stopping short of the stoplight, or anyplace I knew I had to wait, so i could keep taking my foot off the break, and keep the car moving a little bit. My symptoms got VERY bad after what I thought was a viral illness, nothing to do with travel. I don’t get much head pain now. When I was young I had classic migraines - no dizziness, just the classic stuff. As I grew older, I would get the visual aura, no pain, followed by the hangover. Now, I often feel headachey, on the right side, and in my eye, which sometimes builds during the day, but usually isn’t much to complain about - it’s definitely my migraine pain, just not very intense.

Hope that helps your continuing research of this ailment :slight_smile:


Thank Julie,
our migrianes must be effecting the same area as people with mdds, it’s so confusing.
I hope one day we’l be able to travel, by plane again if we can errest this desease.
I miss out on a lot of stuff avioding air travel, my Friend is trying for a baby , and I’d like to visit her after she’s had the baby. but I’m so worried If I do, I’ll make the mav worse.
she lives way outside of Cairns . there’s a 3 hour car ride after the palne trip.
Ive read that it’s the air pressure that dose it to us migrianeures.
not good, also some friends have asked us to go hollidaying over sea’s,
ive avioded air travel for years now.
sometimes I think this is no life.
thanks agian.

When I first started having this rocking feeling(it did not start after a trip), I noticed that I felt better while I was doing things (moving around etc.). Now I can’t really say.
If I go out on a boat for a few minutes, then the rocking definitively gets worse afterwards(so I try to avoid it). Even before I got this illness, I used to get a swaying/rocking feeling after long trips (by car/boat), but it always went away until the next day. When I describe my dizziness, I always say it’s like I’ve been on a boat for a long time, and then my body keeps swaying/rocking (only I haven’t been on a boat…).

I have personally never expereienced spinning vertigo. That is excluding excisive alcohol consumption and the ear water torture test. I do expereince all of the other weird vertigo though, including rocking/swaying, room tilting and severe motion sensitivity. Because of my motion sensitivity, I am afraid to fly. Heck, I can’t even ride on elevators any more as I can’t tell when they stop and end up on the floor.