SSRI plus a TCA?

I just wanted to inquire about anyone’s experience with taking either nortriptyline or amitriptyline in addition to an ssri…
Any responses would be welcome. The nori has helped a lot with mav symptoms , but my anxiety and depression were peaked and the decision was made to wean off and start ssri…my problem is that as I went down on nori symptoms came back so the obvious question is what is thought about the combo other than the danger of seratonin syndrome, but that should be less likely with 10-20mg nori plus 10mg ssri. Anyway, any experience would be helpful, thanks


I am currently on an SSRI and TCA. No probs but then I am on a very low dose of both. James U Adleman says it’s absolutely fine to mix them and uses this combo in your exact situation. Have a listen here … he starts discussing this about half way through:

Scott 8)

I listened to it, thanks! I mean it makes sense I just want reassurance. I also went if 20 mg of nori over two days, so had some bad rebound stuff, and going back to 5 mg tonight and am currently on 1 mg fluoxetine liquid, goal of 10 mg. the problem is fluoxetine inhibits metabolism of nori, so when I get higher on ssri, it may seem like the nori is higher in dose than it is which may not be necessarily bad…
Again thanks, I really think both will be in my best interest.