Start WEEK 3 Ritalin for MAV and UVL


Migraines persist as each weather front passes - complete with some pain and dizziness that strikes every now and again (as opposed to the constant dizzy-drone I lived with before). I’ve always had ‘headaches’ when the weather changed, though. Can’t be certain if I’m just noticing it more now because the crash in June brought new attention to whatever is happening between my ears - or if it’s actually worse than I recall. I’m calling it a wash, for now.

Exhaustion Level:

Before I started with Ritalin, I was always dealing with fatigue. Painful fatigue. On the 5mg BID dose, it eventually began to seep through the energy provided by the drug and I’ve been toying with upping just the morning dose…then just the afternoon dose. The script does recommend ‘one to two tablets by mouth BID’. My next appointment is November 25 (not the 14th as I thought). At 4 tablets per day, I’ll run out long before my appointment and federal law prohibits refills on this medication.


I continue going to the gym but have come to realize that to increase my heartrate above 140 for more than 10 minutes means I’ll be dealing with dizziness and headache no matter how much water I consume. I’m scaling back, increasing my heart rate to only 130 for 20 minutes on the bike.

Upright cardio exhausts faster.
VRT is a no-no beyond making the conscious decision to turn my head when I need to. The ‘walk and turn head at every step’ I can do…but with all the fronts going on and the repeat headaches, I’m reluctant to push.

Weight-Loss and Appetite:

Total loss so far is 10 pounds. As expected, things would slow down. The appetite is still quite suppressed though I’m mindful not to miss any meals, which can also trigger a migraine.
Despite all, I would say that I have improved by a solid 60% since I’ve been on Ritalin.

Hi MJ, You won’t recognize my user name, since I very rarely post here – I rarely have the energy to actually organize my thoughts into coherent sentences & type it all out! I’m sure you can relate!! But I do read this forum daily and have been following your story along with the stories of the other regular posters.

So I just wanted to post to say that I’m so happy to hear that you’ve found something that seems to be really helping you, and it’s really great of you to post about it here. I often wonder how many people there are out there that have improved/cured their MAV , but we never know about them because people are more likely to post when things are going badly. When they’re doing better, they’re busy living their lives and making up for lost time (deservedly so!), so we don’t get to hear their success stories. So I appreciate you keeping us updated on your progress – it’s very reassuring and encouraging to hear about someone finding some improvement.

It’s especially interesting to hear about your Ritalin experience, because as far as I can remember, no one else on this forum has written about that med. I had actually previously read a bit about Ritalin being used for migraines (on other forums or blogs), but these were all people w/ more typical migraines – you are the first person with MAV that I’ve gotten to hear about using it (probably not surprising, since it seems pretty rare to read much of anything about MAV, other than on this board). So anyway, it’s very exciting to hear about a new possibility for our very unique type of migraine!

Your story is also of special interest to me, because at this point, I’m really hesitant to try any more of the “standard” MAV drugs. I’ve tried numerous preventives over the years, at least one (and usually more than one) from each of the usual groups (anti-depressants, anti-seizure meds, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers). None of them have really helped and many of them have caused long lasting side effects. After all that, I’m pretty opposed to trying any more of those drugs, but I am much more open to trying something that’s totally different, such as Ritalin (or Namenda which my doctor has recently started using).

I hope you will continue to update us on how the Ritalin is treating you. It’s wonderful to read your recent posts about the excitement you have when you’re able to do things that you hadn’t done in ages, and I’d love to keep hearing about it. Also, if you encounter any Ritalin side effects that you’re comfortable sharing here, it would be interesting to hear about that too.

Thanks again for sharing your experience with us, and here’s wishing you continued success!!

The only side effect, so far, is the lack of appetite. I can’t tell if my increase in actual head ‘aches’ are due to the Ritalin or the increase in weather - but being that I am working on thinking positive, I’ll go with it being all due to weather.

I’m glad someone is following along. I see that many read but few post their comments…which I can understand. Every now and again, though, I fear I’ll begin to hear my voice coming back to me from the vastness of Internetdom.



I am glad to see that you are feeling better with your new found medication. Hopefully this will be the one that gives you your life back…best of luck along this journey and please keep us posted.

Wishing you better days ahead! :smiley: