Starting allergy shots

My right ear has been the troublesome ear–feeling of fullness, pressure, pain at times, buzzing sensation that starts the dizziness and it’s worse at night. Since this all began for me 2 years ago, that ear has had fluid build up in it also. Tests were negative for meniere’s but I did have mid-frequency hear loss on that side.

So, after no luck with clearing fluid on my current allergy meds and a stint of prednisone, I was sent for allergy testing. I was tested 10 years ago, but not as extensively. Turns out I’m allergic to almost everything the tested me for! And the allergist is telling me I need to start allergy shots, because my ear is still full of fluid and my allergies have gotten worse in the past 10 years.

I’m a bit excited about it, I have to admit, after reading on the meniere’s site about success with allergy shots–even though I know I don’t have meniere’s, it just feels reassuring that I’ll be starting something that has brought relief to people with ear troubles.

Anyway, just wanted to share this and I’ll let you all know how the shots work out. Main thing is to reiterate the importance of getting all other things in order as the MAV survival guide states–allergies could have been my worst culprit all this time and I didn’t know it!!

Good Luck! I have horrible allergies too and can’t seem to help think this is all tied into together! Keep us posted!

According to my allergist, the answer to both of your questions is Yes and Yes. Food intolerances and allergies can fly under the radar for quite awhile and then surface with a bang for reasons that are not fully understood. However, the immune system is mostly to blame. Mouth or tongue numbness is a classic symptom of a problem with a food. The potential for food intolerances increases in the middle aged years. Also, nuts contain tyramine which is an amino acid migraine trigger. Sorry for your almond struggle. Bummer.
Gail : )

A good all around resource for food problems is Food Allergies for Dummies. It’s not the most technical resource in the world, but answers a lot of questions and also touches on food enzyme/trigger and intolerance issues. I struggle with a lot of food problems and it’s all gotten so complicated and is combined with an immune deficiency necessitating monitoring by an allergist/immunologist. Many people can struggle with food reactions and not readily trace them back to the foods that they eat on a regular basis.