Starting meds before giving dietary/lifestyle three months

I’ve been dizzy for almost nine months now and was only officially diagnosed with Vm earlier this month.

I started the Dr S 6 C’s diet shortly after and am making the suggested lifestyle changes - but it’s hard. I’m not really seeing any positive changes yet but I understand you need to give it 2-3 months.

Unfortunately, time is a luxury I no longer have. By the end of this year I will have taken almost 100 days off sick. I am conscious that my job is increasingly at risk. Also, due to my sickness record over the last three years, I will soon go down to half pay.

I intend to ask my Gp to start me on medication early as I cannot wait until February. Is there one which is particularly fast acting or is it pretty much a lottery as to what will work? I have very restless legs so I think this means I need to avoid ami and possibly other tricyclics.

I would like to give diet and lifestyle more of a chance but feel I have little choice. Plus, I’ve been dizzy now for nearly 9 months, so I would do anything to experience some relief.

What do people think?

Be honest with your situation and the doc may want to start you earlier. If your other triggers are not under control, you are not giving the medication the best chance to work, but personal circumstances could warrant doing both at the same time.

As far as which med, it really is just trial and error. Something that works well and quickly for one may be a total crapshoot for another. If RLS prevents you from trying medications, the doc may want to treat that as well. I have the same issue, and ended up on a baby dose of an RLS med and now have much more flexibility in my options. If the RLS is negatively affecting your sleep as well, that could be feeding into your issues as a migraine trigger.