Starting the new year not feeling well

how is everyone today? I feel awful - didn’t do anything different last night except ate a bit of a sopapilla - wheat and probably yeast but that’s it. Dogs next door kept me awake with their barking. guess the owners went out and left them home and they were freaked by fireworks.

i have tons of pressure and dizziness today - it feels like bad allergies but it’s only like 20 degrees don’t know what is going on but not happy at all.

hope the rest of you are well.

anyone here every tried GABA supplement from health food store? i thought i might try to replace the valium but i’m even afraid of supplements.


Hi Chris,

The GABA thing interests me too, cant go into details, head too scrambled.

I have started the new year unwell but this is the same every year. I had a 7 day migraine over Christmas. I went out to a Xmas Bingo, Christmas Eve Kareeokee with disco and out for Xmas dinner this year (first time in 20 years), all with an ongoing migraine (determination I guess). Now I have gone into total insomnia for 4 days, dizzy days and ramped up tinnitus. I did cheat and have a few chocolate biscuits but not much else bad foodwise. The fireworks New years eve kept me awake until 4 in the morning, so only 3 and half hrs sleep that night as well. I guess its just this time of year.


Christine - so sorry you haven’t felt well either. I usually feel good this time of year so something has definitely changed for me this past year - i still think it’s menopause - the exhaustion is killing me.

im glad you got out and did things. i didn’t do much but i did get out and about a little bit thanks to my BF. i even did some decent driving for a couple of days but now that it’s about time to go back to work i’m scared again. I like my job a lot so it’s not that. it’s my health.

i’m not sure about the GABA - i’m even scared to take supplements sometimes - it has some tyrosine and stuff in it too not just gABA

I hope everyone is having a great 2011 so far!!!


Hi Ladies,
The GABA you find over the counter doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier, so it’s not really going to do much. There are ways to increase your GABA levels. You can Google “raise GABA levels” and do some research there. C
Christine, what have you tried for sleep? I found melatonin at 3mg extended release and 5HTP got me back on track. I don’t take the Mel anymore, but still keep my 5HTP at 100mg nightly…and i worked up from 25mg…I also found that Promethazine (an antihistamine) is a wonder drug for me…I sleep fantastic and it helps the anxiety and dizziness. I got it over the counter in Australia. My doctor rx’d it for me after I noticed how much better I was feeling during a bout with a bad cough, and it was in my cough syrup.
Promethazine - Wikipedia

IndicationsAs a sedative.[3]
For preoperative sedation and to counteract postnarcotic nausea.[3]
As antiallergic medication to combat hay fever (allergic rhinitis), etc. To treat allergic reactions it can be given alone or in combination with oral decongestants like pseudoephedrine.[3]
As an adjunct treatment for anaphylactoid conditions (IM/IV route preferred).[3]
Together with codeine or dextromethorphan against cough.
As a motion sickness or seasickness remedy when used with Ephedrine or Pseudoephedrine.[3]
To combat moderate to severe morning sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum. In the UK promethazine is drug of first choice, being preferred as an older drug with which there is a greater experience of use in pregnancy (second line being metoclopramide or prochlorperazine).[4]
Previously it was used as an antipsychotic,[5] although it is generally not administered for this purpose now; promethazine has only approximately 1/10 of the antipsychotic strength of chlorpromazine.
Also used to potentiate any opiates. Commonly combined with pethidine (AKA, meperidine, or Demerol) in a brand called Mepergan, a meperidine/promethazine combination. Also frequently used in conjunction with codeine, in a syrup form. The combination leads to more powerful euphoric effects than with codeine alone
No side effects from me, other than the desired sleepiness.

Thanks Kelley,

The Promethazine sounds worth trying as I notice that other stuff with antihistamine helps me sleep a bit so it would probably work for me. The 5HTP gave me migraine the next day, I believe it lifted my mood but gave me migraine. The melatonin didnt work for me for sleep.

Always grateful for tips on helping the insomnia, it is really bad, I have gone right round the clock on no sleep before now.


Thanks i’m not gonna take it - i may just return it to the store uunopened.

I read that GABA is in spinach and broccoli which i used to eat a lot of - need to eat more :slight_smile: was gonna buy some yams too for my menopause - can’t hurt - best to get stuff from food “they” say.

Never heard of Promethazine - guess it’s a prescription. I take zyrtec every night - it’s not so much sleeping it’s my daily anxiety that drives me nuts so that’s why i’m taking valium wish there was something more natural that’s all.

i’m thinking when the dr puts me on some progesterone next month i might feel better.

i managed to drive to the gym and stuff today so i’m happy about that. baby steps for me. driving is an issue esp after exercise.


Chris I just looked online and it looks like you can buy it over the counter or in other preparations such as Sominex, it looks like its easy to get hold of anyway in the UK.


Chris - I tried just plain GABA a few years ago for sleep and anxiety. It was supposed to relax me… However, it really didn’t help me at all… just made me feel like I was floating. Unfortunately/fortunately, the benzos are a lot more effective. Though, I’ve had very good luck taking 100mg. 5-HTP along with Pantothenic Acid to raise serotonin levels and as a sleep aid. I think overall it’s best to work with a wholistic practitioner with supplements, but I’ve been overwhelmingly successful all these years (in my opinion) self-supplementing/self-medicating after tons of research and careful observation of my symptoms and reactions. You can also take a combination of choline and inositol (two of the B-vitamins) which can have a relaxing effect. You know, I’ve had hours of conversations with the knowledgeable people at my local health food store, and we are in sad agreement that the reason so many people end up taking medications over supplements/herbs/homeopathic remedies, etc. is that they often provide a standardized level of unrivaled relief or comfort… even if they cannot cure an underlying condition. However, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t rather take a plant based/natural remedy.

i took the GABA back to the store since i didn’t open it. I think i’ll stick to valium right now and soon i’ll be getting progesterone to go with my estrogen.

problem is i’m still gonna have the MaV triggers - i believe my allergies are the worst even today that it is cold there was something out there bothering both me and my BF when we went out - there is always somethign i am allergic too.

i am just dreading spring but am hoping that if i get the hormones a bit more under control my allergies might get a bit better as menopause causes worsening allergies. i’ve gotten worse each year seems like.


Chris - Have you ever been tested for what allergies you have? I think allergies are a big trigger for me and can make my dizziness much worse. I remember one spring I took something (I think it was singular) and my dizziness was much better so i dont know if that was related or not?

Also, how would you describe your dizziness? What have you been diagnosed with?


I have horrible allergies Briana - always have - was born with them - used to have asthma when i lived in NY when i moved out here i was allergy free for 5 years - it was wonderful! then it all came back with dizziness and seasonal allergies 31 years ago. i have taken shots off and on for years. may need to go back to that. I may try singulair again even though it’s expensive. whatever i’m doing now isnt working - i have horrible sensitivities to air pollution also - in the summer it’s ozone and this time of year it’s the fireplace smoke - very allergic to smoke. i hate it - can’t control any of it that’s the problem so i’m sick a lot.