Hi all,

This may be totally unrelated to VM at all but I have noticed a pattern of being more static, that is, getting electric shocks through my fingers when I touch metal objects especially if I am having a relapse of my symptoms. Maybe a long shot but thought I’d mention it in case anyone has ever heard of a link…

Hi Matty, I have no idea if it’s related, but I have always seemed to be very susceptible to static shocks. I also get odd/intermittent feelings of minor internal ‘shocks’ in various bodily areas, including my head. Sounds odd, but it is the best description I can come up with. Sometimes my short ‘spins’ fall more into the ‘jolt’ category. I have wondered about a connection, but never seen any other references to it.

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Interesting theory Matty - not sure if there is a connection, but I have always had static shocks even before I had MVBD. My husband thinks I am weird when I get a static shock from touching my car door!

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I’m always giving my wife and others shocks as some say Migraine is due to increased electrical activity in the brain there may well be a relationship, who knows…


I get electric shocks as well, usually when I open or close the car door.