I was just wondering if anyone has tried Steroids (Prednisone). I have been diagnosed with MAV by about 6 doctors, 5 of whom said that steroids would not help, but one said to try a tapering dose pack for 1 week. My husband who is a neurosurgeon (and has NO knowledge of MAV) would love for me to try Steroids. He thinks it’s the panacea for everything. But, if it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone take a dose of steroids and be rid of this. I’m worried to try something that may make my symptoms even worse. But, it’s only for a week, so maybe I should give it a go. I am so desperate and will try anything at this point. I would love a break from this misery, even if it wasn’t long lasting

Hi Lisa,
Prednisone is used for breaking the migraine cycle.
It’s sometimes prescribed for chronic Asthmatics, long term,
It reduces inflammation of blood vessels, allowing the patent to breath more easily.
Unfortunately it does have its drawbacks, prednisone can cause insomnia, hormonal problems, osteoporosis, and the list goes on with long-term use.

It’s another medication normally only used for short periods of time, in my experience around 4 days.
Any longer and you need to reduce slowly, or your hormones will go haywire.

Once the migraine cycle is broken, you will still need preventives and avoid all your migraine triggers, to keep the cycle from returning.
Prednisone is a wonder drug, but has a nasty reputation with long-term use.

I was prescribed it in china for a chest infection,
While on it, I was Migraine free for a week, only to have migraines return.


I’m a hybrid case. MAV/Meniere’s w/cervical vertigo and palatal myoclonus mixed into the fray.

During my last appointment, my doc (a neurotologist) was extremely pleased with my progress relative to all of the ailments. He did mention at the end of the appointment that if I started experiencing an increase in Meniere’s symptoms with noticeable loss of hearing over a 36-48 hour period, that I should call him immediately and he’d put me on a burst (probably a week) of Prednisone. At the same time, Prednisone can help with migraine, but the burst needs to be short. Extended use of Prednisone is risky.

Thanks for the replies. I am on 480mg of a preventative, verapamil, with no help. I am aware of the terrible long-term effects of steroids. I would only take it for 1 week. Can it actually get rid of our dizziness?

Jen - I forgot to ask you. When you were migraine free from the steroids do you just mean headache free, or free from the dizziness and other MAV symptoms

Hi Lisa.
free of my rocking dizziness, I don’t have head pain anymore.


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Thanks for the replies. I am on 480mg of a preventative, verapamil, with no help. I am aware of the terrible long-term effects of steroids. I would only take it for 1 week. Can it actually get rid of our dizziness?

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I think the Prednisone can stabilize it to a certain extent in a short period of time, but I doubt that it’s a “cure”. In my case, it would be used to keep the ailment(s) from spiraling completely out of control until I was stabilized. Then, back to the regimen, or perhaps an adjustment.

For MAV, I’ve used 240mg of verapamil with pretty good results. I also use low dose effexor…and naturally…monitor all food intake. For Meniere’s, I use low doses of valium, low salt diet, etc.

I think the horror stories about prednisone and hydrocortisone were because the drs. always give such high doses. I have a friend who is on a constant low dose of hydrocortisone every day and has been for 5 years. Her vertigo is gone, her dizziness only very rarely now, she takes about 20 mg hydrocortisone a day, equivalent I believe to 5 mg prednisone, she splits the 20 mg throughout the day and doesnt take it late at night. She now gets a headache maybe once in 3 weeks, whereas before she was constant. She has had remarkable success with it. I have tried it and it didnt work but am keeping it in mind to try again if nothing else works.

thanks for everyone’s feedback.

christine - that is good news about your friend. was she dx with MAV as well?

Jen - wow - free of your dizziness. that is great. but it didn’t last? would you consider trying it again?

Hi Lisa,
Yes I’d try again but I’ve never been offered it by a Dr for migraine.
I can’t see any harm if your Dr is prescribing it.
Christine has a point at a low dose it might be worth a try.
I know it gave me lots of energy while on it.
but insomnia was an issue.


Jen - I’m sorry to write again. But, I just want to clarify. It actually got rid of your dizziness, but then it came back when you stopped it?

Hi. I have MAV and asthma. Asthma was bad last May - had to take prednisone for a week. Sorry to say did not help me with the dizziness.

Hi Lisa,
Yes it got rid of my dizziness, and came back a couple of days after stopping the P.
At that time, I’d only had rocking dizziness for 2 months, not years.
I’m in my 15th year of dizziness now, and don’t know if P would have the same impact.
I had no idea back then that I had migraine, as it is silent.
I’m using effexor now, and having good results.