Sticky platelets?

Hi all

Having been pretty good for a couple of months the MAV started lurking about 2-3 weeks ago and last weekend came back full-on, the only thing touching it being clonazepam, as usual, which sort of gets me through about 10 hours.

Now I’m back in its throes, I’m back to contemplating causes etc. I don’t think food’s a trigger for me (except maybe red wine) but I think atmospheric pressure has set me off this time plus a few too many late night parties, and the usual stress at work, plus the fact my kids are now on their 6 weeks summer break (need a smilie here for ‘terrified’!).

However, I said causes, not triggers. I’m now on to a new theory :idea: and wonder if anyone has any experience/thoughts on this one. A couple of years back there was a lot in the (UK) media about a posited association between migraine and sticky platelets, and trials were commencing on the drug clopidogrel which looked really promising. See … 66812.html

Anyway, can’t find any reports of any outcomes of this or whether trial is still underway.

The reason I’m interested is that my sister has recently been diagnosed with ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopoenia) a disorder of platelet production (specifically neutrophils) for which there is no known cause, and she has her own battles now with the medical profession re. treatment but it looks like she has to take steroids for life or have a splenectomy (the drug recommended by her haematologist is not licensed for ITP here in the UK). The strange thing is, although her neutrophil count is so low it’s practically off the scale, her symptoms have been mild (a few bruises, heavy periods) when they should really be more severe with a count like hers. A reason that’s been suggested is that she has ‘extra sticky platelets’ to compensate for their lack of numbers.

Now I don’t think I’ve got ITP (I haven’t been tested) but I’m wondering whether like her I’ve got ‘sticky neutrophils’ which may cause/contribute to my MAV. I definitely get painful migraines associated with the dizziness, although I can be dizzy but pain free. Can one be tested for ‘sticky platelets’?

I’m interested to know if anyone knows anything about the clopidogrel trial or has tried it or something similar for MAV? Also, I’m also wondering about aspirin, which has also been found to help with anti-clotting and migraine if taken every day. Anyone tried this?

Many thanks

Dizzy Izzy

I found this follow up article