Still new to the board with questions

I would love some advice(again)…love that I have found this forum. Feel that I am really becoming very educated on this horrible thing. Anyway, spoke with my neurotologist this afternoon because I continue to have medication questions. My neurologist has originally prescribed nortriptyline and to go up 10 mg each week. Am on zoloft at a high dosage…he wanted me to come lower on the zoloft and higher on the nort. Anyway, I had too many side effects(I was also taking xanax which was helping). Anyway, the neurotolgoist said I should not be taking the nortriptyline with the zoloft…he did not seem to be aware of the possible dangers of it…although I guess the neurologist was trying to mix the two responsibly. Are there any people who have taken both together. He wants me to try klonopin for the week and see how I do on that. Not thrilled with the two days that i have tried it…he says I need to give it a week…I thought benzos act right away and would work right away to take the dizziness away. Am I wrong? I just do not want to “try” something again that may not be giving me results…I was going to go back on the nort, but I guess now I am not. Are there any tricyclics that are safe with zoloft? I know my complaint is not new to this board, but I do not want to have to try all of these different combinations…making me nuts!!!Thanks for any feedback.

Just as far as the Klonopin goes I know it took me about three weeks to notice any improvement in my “dizzy” symptoms. I’m only on .25/day. Seems that it has to build up in your system, it isn’t fast acting like Xanax. From what I have read. But from what I understand from my neurologist is that he is giving this to me to calm my vestibular system down while it is going through this mirgraine cluster. Not a cure, just helps you maintain a more normal life until the vertigo subsides. Hope this helps about the klonopin question :).

Thanks for your response…yes, it does help, and it does seem to make sense. I have been on it for almost a week, and I am beginning to feel a bit of a change(it has been a little bit better…today was a bit off…not sure what my triggers are at this point)…Do you have a sense as to how long it takes for the system to restore itself? I have been dizzy for over 2 months now…and the only thing that has stopped it has been the medications…otherwise, I am rocking. When should things go back to normal? What I don’t understand is why the dizziness lasts for so long? What sets that into motion? thanks for any info. I appreciate your help!

It is funny because I just responded to a post as well asking about when it will be normal again. No one seems to have an answer for that. And you can let that get you down, as I did for a few months, or you can be like, F that I’m going to try MY hardest to live life and work past this. That is the mentality I have had for about a month and a half now, and I can say it has definitely been better than hanging on all the why am I like this, why am I having this, why is it happening to me, why hasn’t it stopped or gone away yet or when will it be gone when will I be normal again. I mean for me I had it start in September, lasted for 3 weeks. Didn’t have it again until the end of march until the end of April, so 5 weeks. Then this most recent bout started on the last day of May or so I have had it for three months straight. So mine is coming longer and longer, which is scary but I am trying not to harp on it any more. I wish there were answers. I’m considering taking a medicine myself, like a preventative… all I’m on is the .25/day Klonopin just to deal with it I know that’s not to fix anything. Why do you come off the meds if they make you feel the most normal? Are the side effects to much? Or do you just not like taking medicine? Which have you found the most relief from, as I am going to just throw the preventative medicine idea out there to my neurologist here soon.


While you need to follow your doctors guidance, it is absolutely possible to take both an SSRI and a tricyclic. It doesn’t matter which particular brand of each you are on. However, it may be because you were on a high dose of Zoloft (how high again?) that your doc thought it was not wise to add the SSRI. No idea.

If you listen to this recording by James U Adleman here:

…you’ll see at one point he discusses using the two together. This guy is a guru so I don’t doubt his opinion.

If I were you I’d try not to mix up too many treatments all at once with dose changes etc. Try to do one thing at a time otherwise you won’t know what’s what.

Really glad you feel like you’re becoming well-educated about all of this. That’s the goal of the forum – and for people to then get well. I’m sure you’ve already realised that there is a pile of misinformation out there on the web, including Facebook.

Cheers 8)

Somehow missed some of these replies, so I apologize for not responding sooner. All I can say is that this has not been fun. The latest is that I am titating down on my zoloft(originally I was at 200 mg…pretty high…I got down to 150 and stayed there for a few weeks); I am now at 100…my dr. wants me to go down 25 mg every 3 days to get me to 50 mg so that I can then start taking the effexor. He prescribed just regular, not the xr, so I am gong to ask him to change that as I hear the xr is better. I do feel much more down lately, and I know it is a combination of the reduction in the zoloft and just having gone through such a horrible summer with this stuff. I sort of wish I could just switch over to the effexor or take both right now because I am worried about reducing more and what it is going to do to my mood and just all of the mav stuff. Has anyone heard of just switching from one to the other…is that risky? I am trying to make an appointment with a psychiatrist to see about this and see what suggestions there are until I make the transition. This is all just too much. Thanks for all of the feedback, though.