Stinging eyes and face tight

Anyone else suffer a pulling/tight sensation in the face? Also, really stingy tired eyes?? As this past week my dizziness has been v minimal these are bothering me more!!

Hey Lizzie, I don’t have the face pulling thing but I do get stinging, tired eyes randomly! xx

DL, my eyes sting and burn when my neck gets jammed up. Is your neck OK?

Thanks guys. Not just me then! Feels like I haven’t slept for months!!! Not sure about my neck Scott…it is v stiff and it feels like the muscles tremor…or vibrate even…weird! Prob not ok then, lol!! Dr S has put me off physio…he was so anti it and I asked him twice. Xx

I know it helps you Scott but massages definitely make me worse!!

I have even tried different peple. It always flares me up

Weird! My eyes are stinging like mad and I feel like I haven’t slept in weeks. I have doubled my dose of pregablin in the space or a month though so thought it might be that or hay fever. What drugs r u on?

I have a permanently bad neck but like Robert massage makes the dizzies worse for me.

I’m not on anythign at the mo…Dr S told me to start gabapentin but I haven’t yet…maybe it is hayfever, hadn’t thought of that!!

It’s weird, massage used to make me worse as did too much physio around my neck. These days the guy throws the kitchen sink at me and it doesn’t mess me up.

Just got back from a 6 hour drive and my eyes are stinging and watering badly and my head is awful. I would have thought hayfever but normally that is itchy eyes and this is not itchy but stinging so I think it is migraine x

Guys, don’t forget the hayfever is awful this spring. The pollen count was high in London today, I’m a mess my eyes feel as though someone is stabbing them with a razor blade! Just had a chat with the local pharmacist trying to convince him to let me double dose on loratidine (piriton) xxx

Yes I really pity everyone with hayfever and MAV, it has to be the biggest trigger ever!! I would love to know what it is doing exactly but my tinpot science knowledge tells me that the histamine is somehow affecting/depleting certain other brain chemicals somehow and making the migraine activity a lot worse. I wish someone could explain how it all works as I am always turning it over in my mind wondering what is going on up there in my brain!!!