Stoopid question or not

how many folks here started out their journey with a typical BPPV attack that then morphed into MAV?


(But not sure why that’s a stupid question…)

well, i wasnt sure if those who haunt this forum already know that this is obvious or not

raises hand

Definitely not a stupid question. I had a full-blown, awful BPPV attack several years ago, and the MAV started up a few months later.


A BPPV attack is mentioned in the literature as a possible “Big Bang” event to kick off chronic migraine, as is VN or labs for example.


I DID! I had mine back in March and was fine for about a month and then in Mid April BAM MAV. My neuro said it happens to a lot of MAV patients!

seems to me the researchers should be looking into that connection more closely
Closely connected to that question is the question of anyone suffering from MAV having inner ear surgery to treat it? anyone on these threads?


I had a bppv attack suddenly upon waking at 4am. Went to the emergency room and was diagnosed bppv. After the basic tests were done, I was told it would go away in three to four months. Well, after five months of physical therapy it has stayed at 24/7 dizziness, and was still there at 14 months. Finally, I am getting relief on anti-depressants. But I was a victim of sudden bppv that became MAV.

One theory is that the bppv is very disabling for certain people (apparently I am one of them), and the brain adjusts to the problem with the bad ear, but then never re-sets once the crystals have dissolved or been put back into their proper canal. The patient is then left with MAV.

Mine started with a sudden severe off-balance attack. (BPPV??) following a surgery where my neck was strained. I had had a similar attack years earlier that resolved on its own. so this time I just tried to wait it out. It became chronic disequilibrium. I have a csf leak, which was found via myleogram. I think I probably had a leak before that healed on its own. My neck is in bad shape…appears to be prone to leaking due to weakened area in my neck, and hard to patch.

seems like quite a few folks began this journey with BPPV
Never readjusting to the new set of aberrant signals being sent from the troubled inner ear strikes me as a real possibility