Stopped effexor

Hi all -

I stopped Effexor. I ended up really sick. I couldn’t take the vomiting aand nervousness plus it raised my bp and heart rate. I was in bed so sick. Hain ordered me an anti nausea med, propranolol to lessen my heart rate for 3 days, and his PA ordered me valium. I am not ready for another med trial right now. I am sticking with Verapamil and valium. I think I can get back to myself if I get back to my diet, routine, Verapamil still and a little help from the valium. His PA has what we have and reassured me that I have this in the first place from hormones and then the stress of my husband’s cancer triggered it. I felt so good after I talked to her. I know it would be great if stress wouldn’t trigger this but everyday stress doesn’t seem to so much. I was under major, life altering stress all within a few weeks due to my husband’s diagnosis, surgeries, etc. She has done very well with this condition and seems to only have flareups after giving birth. She was great and so informative. It makes sense 35 is the peak. This crap started for me at 33, when my youngest was 2 and I am now 35. I don’t know…maybe it is wishful thinking…but sometimes I think the less meds I am on…the better I feel.

I am feeling hopeful again. Antidepressants kick my butt. I tried Xanax and Lexapro before and had the same bad reaction. You would think I would learn.

However, I can handle valium. Go figure!


Hi Nance,

Propranolol itself is an anti-migraine med and the one Hannah uses to kill her MAV. If you can tolerate it and feel ok on it, and more calm, maybe it’s worth staying with it for a while longer to help knock out this episode. The beta blockers seem to be well-tolerated by most I think.

Valium certainly does seem to be the MAV wonder drug. Just figures it’s an addictive med though doesn’t it?

I also seriously have to wonder about Hain’s love of Effexor for MAV. I’ve only seen one person benefit from it over the last 6 years – and possibly one other but her testimony is unreliable unfortunately. Anyway, it sounds like you went through the wringer on it. Hope you are feeling better now.



With all you are going through right now you don’t need the added stress of having to deal with a drug that is making you so sick you can’t even get out of bed. You’ve got to do what you need to do to get you through this rough patch. I’m glad to hear you were able to talk with someone who understands this and it’s good to know that you are feeling hopeful.


Hi Nance,

I really hope the verapamil/valium combo. brings you complete relief. I think the advice you received about hormones being a huge trigger is so true. My condition also started two years after I had my second child (at 37). Keep the faith…you will get well again!!


I too just got off of Effoxor. Had problems with the nausia as well. It took me for ever to get past the last phase of the weaning process because of the nausia. I also had a dramatic increase in dizziness, that has slowly tapered off, but has not gone away. I will admit though that I am not taking any meds for my MAV right now, and I am so bad right now that my wife won’t even let me out of the house except for when I HAVE to go, such as a doctor’s appointment. My falling is off the charts now, and I have taken two falls in the last month that have actually scared me. I fall several times an hour, so I am used to it, and it doesn’t bother me, except for the crowds that gather when I am in public.


I am sorry to hear about the health issues both you and your husband are having.

I have had MAV for 7 and a half years. Like you I have experienced lengthy periods of near normal health. I take propranolol which controls my symptoms but obviously is not a cure. I have had big relapses usually brought on by a major trigger - huge emotional stress would be a good example. I always think I won’t get well again and I always do. Ultimately time and the drugs work their magic and I stabilise. Sometimes I increase the drug - worth thinking about.

The migraine has been triggered by the huge stress in your life. It will calm down again, might take a while, but the key is to know that this too shall pass. Try not to let it panic you, stay calm, tell yourself it’s just migraine at work, it feels awful, it’s disabling but it’s gone before so it will go again. The insidious thing about this illness is that when you’re in the grip if it it’s hard to believe you were ever well and that you ever will be again, it’s so all consuming.