Stopped med for 1 day, drank and now relapse? HELP!

Hey guys, I need your opinion here. First let me give you some important background about me before you post your thoughts because my situation is a little different than others:

Regarding balance issues, I never had major problems with the MAV. When my MAV hit 2 or so years ago, it was never like vertigo or spinning, but rather, just an off-balance feeling, wooziness, some minor lurching into walls, a little rocking. Until recently, my balance issues were practically non-existent due to finding meds that helped me: Klonopin and Tofranil and then Klonopin and Topamax. So basically what I am saying is my balance has pretty much been good with a few minor, brief setbacks now and then since being on the Klonopin and Topamax.

Secondly, I am able to eat/drink many of the things I want - within limits and without going into MAV hell. More importantly, these foods/drinks would not set off my balance EVEN IF THEY DID cause other MAV symptoms. And I do have other daily or more common MAV symptoms that I do deal with, btw.

Finally,I can drink alcohol and usually stick to a no-preservative beer when I do, although can have a little vodka which I mix with no-sugar gatoraide for hydration. When I do drink, I usually do not take my a.m. dose of Klonopin because as you know it is dangerous to mix that med with alcohol. (I drink in the early afternoon). This has never been a problem before and I usually DO take my p.m dose as usual. (I take .25 mg in the a.m. and .25 in the p.m.).

Ok, so here’s my problem. This past Saturday I decided to drink, so I skipped my a.m. dose. Well, I not only drank my beer, but also vodka-tea (an iced-tea infused vodka) which I mixed with gatoraide. I ended up drinking throughout the afternoon into the evening, so I decided I should also skip my p.m. dose of the klonopin to be safe, as I unfortunately drank a lot more than my usual. I did later take my Topamax though.

The next day, while I had dry mouth, etc, I was not sick from the drinking, but I found that my balance was off. If I bent over, I got very dizzy and felt like I was going to fall over. I was NOT still drunk or anything (enough time had passed.) I attested this to perhaps skipping the Klonopin for a day. I took my regular dose that day and have ever since. While I feel a little better (or at least can bend over), I still am woozy and off balance and feel a bit out of it. This has not gotten better. I can’t figure out why. Klonopin has a long half life (about 30-40 hours), so I know I still had a decent amount in my system, if not the normal amount. I now feel like I did a year ago when I found that the Klonopin was not enough (it was initially, but then the balance problems came back and I needed something else). Thus I am wondering, did I mess my system up and regress to that point?? Or is my system just freaking out because I deprived it, even briefly of the med, even though I am back on it? Or did the combo of the mixed alcohol and lack of med somehow do something?

I am not freaking at the moment over this because I don’t want to add anxiety into the mix and my gut is saying give it some time, perhaps you just freaked out your system and it will go back to normal in while, but what do you guys think? I am obviously a bit concerned (and don’t feel well.) It’s making me tired and a little nautious too. I’ve never read anything about someone going off their med briefly and then regressing and/or not being ok once they get back on their med, so I am stumped by this. I need a little assurance that this is going to get better and I didn’t do something stupid to myself. :wink:

Thanks, Bonnie

Hi Bonnie,

Sorry to hear you’re getting hit like this seemingly out of nowhere. In my opinion it was the booze that has set you off and not the missed dose of K. As you said, it has a long half life and it would be negligible I would have thought to miss one 24 hour chunk of time.

It’s the nature of the beast I think. You might have been ok on a number of occasions having a few drinks but for whatever reason this round was the fat kid jumping in the pool as Rauch puts it. I think you’ll just have to hunker down and wait for things to return to baseline. I cannot see why it won’t. I’ve had numeropus flare-ups over the years. Some are very short-lived while others go for months. For example, I’m in a new dizzy cycle now after mangling up my neck far too much. And now my sleep is all screwed up as well. It’s infuriating and I’m kicking myself for messing with things too much but there you go.

Anyway, stay on the straight and narrow for a while and things should ease off. Don’t panic. I’m fully expecting to get slaughtered in Toronto like last year but will not panic this time. I am going into this with a pre-emptive strike: valium. No messing around when I get home either. I’ll do my best to reset my sleeping patterns asap instead of staying up late or adding other triggers to the already massive load. Hope it works and I can reduce the fallout down to maybe 2-3 days only.

Let us know how things pan out over the nest couple of weeks.

Cheers … Scott :slight_smile:

Must of been the grog…I did it at Xmas, wasnt feeling too terrible so thought ‘f@ck it, I’m gonna enjoy myself’ and paid the price for the rest of my time off work

I’m sure it will settle down…We have to have a life aswell, dont kick yourself :wink:

Thanks, guys, I appreciate the feedback. It’s all very weird, especially when something out of the blue happens after you’ve done something that never caused a problem before, you know? And yes, it sucks when you try to live your life “normally” and deal with all this MAV stuff, never knowing what will come next or why something happens. So I plan to give it time and hopefully it will pass. If not, I may pursue my doc, but for now, I hope you are right.

Take care and good luck on your trip, Scott! I’m glad you can use Vallium. I recently got a script for (long before the above episode btw) Xanax to use occasionally for anxiety and found after one try, I can’t use it. It gave me muscle pains that lasted into the next day, and that was with the lowest dose! Go figure.

Cheers, Bonnie