Storm on the way

So there is a snow storm on the way …and with the barometric pressure changes and this cold/virus I have it is really ramping up my symptoms. Even increased the Valium no real help I sure hope this goes back to baseline somewhere in the near future.

I guess at least I can watch the beautiful snow out the window if nothing else…we do not get it very often at all.

Hello Timeless, I think you and I must be living in parallel universes. Not only am I still struggling like yourself with the remants of a virus, but I too am snowed up! The UK is blanketed in snow at the moment, schools have been closed, the transport systems have been affected and it’s really cold.

And like you I had a very frightening ramping up of MAV a few nights ago. Scared me silly, as it was a new diversion for me. I sometimes get seconds long sideway spins which hit me without warning but I had three much more viloent ones in a row the other night as I sat watching TV. They weren’t clean, thin spins like before but three dimensional, treacly spins that both sickened and disorientated me completely so that I found it hard to walk afterwards. I had trouble lying down that night - fear more than anything I think - but was sort of ok the next day and even better still today. I notice after dos like that that I always get what I call a sinusitis type headache - always.

I’m regarding the episode as a knock on effect from this virus. And I got one over on the MAV today by having my hair done after having to cancel twice because of bad heads. So I’m feeling pleased with myself. The hairdresser has to come to the house - I can’t do backward head washes at the hairdressers, nor flourescent lighting there. I coughed all the way through and dreaded bending my head over to have my hair washed but I did it! Oh, the sense of achievement!

Good luck getting back to baseline Timeless. You will! :slight_smile:


Timeless, I am feeling the affects of the same storm, just left my area a few hours ago. Now for another arctic blast!

Same here - woke up to the snow falling and head aching. Winter storm warning.

Though headaches were never a real disabling thing for me, it doesn’t make life any easier when the daily swaying is going on too. My head hurts, but it’s not the stereotypical migraine that would make me take to bed and want total quiet, etc. I have an appointment to see my neurologist next week, and I’m hoping he’ll adjust my medication so I can get back to where I was a few weeks ago (mild symptoms that were occasional, not daily).

I’m grateful to be doing so much better than last year - I was much more disabled, with the dizziness often in the moderate to severe range, and with the tunnel vision sometimes scaring the you know what out of me.

I COULD have driven in the snow and pushed myself today to get to work, but I have chosen not to since I’d been asked to come in to work on my day off tomorrow. I would have taken a neurologist appointment that was offered to me for tomorrow, but took one next week because of this work thing: I decided that headache + swaying + the stress of driving in a winter storm warning was too much to ask, since I postponed a doctor appointment for this special work thing. I talked to clients by phone from home, so nothing essential went undone today.

And by staying home, I did get to put an icebag on my head - ibuprofen usually helps my headaches, but an icebag seems to accelerate improvement.

Does nothing for swaying & head motion intolerance, though. :?