Strange form of help

Hi all,

This is rather unusual, but today I put on a baseball hat for the first time in years, and have noticed that my symptoms of dizziness calm down a pretty good bit ONLY when I’m wearing the hat. The reason I tried a hat was because I was walking around at work and my symptoms were really aggravating at the time and I put my hands on both sides of my head and put pressure on the area around my ears with my palms. When I did that, I was still walking and instantly the intensity of my dizziness was lessened quite a bit. So for about 15 minutes I’d walk around with hands on head and then without hands on head. I noticed the difference every time I kept testing it.

So after work, I got a hat, tightened it up real good and went about my evening and the whole time I felt nicely balanced. Not 100% relief, but very liveable. Certain movements and turns were noticeably tolerable. What a weird, strange thing. I’m confused as hell right now. I want to know if anyone out here thinks this could be placebo driven, or is the tightness of the hat doing something for the blood circulation causing me to be more balanced? I don’t get it.


Hi Greg,

Is the hat reducing then impact of light somehow? Does direct sunlight mess with your head?



Your experience is really interesting. I don’t know what the mechanism is but I have a couple of things to say about it.

  1. I get a sensation that my brain is expanding while my skull is shrinking. I’ll get that along with an inability to conenctrate and a sensation that I want to crawl out of my own skin. Awful. I wonder if this is a similar mechanism to what is happening to you when you impose pressure on your head?

  2. I saw a documentary a few years ago about a woman called Temple Grandin who has autism. She discovered that she could relieve a lot of her symptoms by getting inside a cattle crush. Here’s a bit about her:


— Begin quote from “Victoria”

I get a sensation that my brain is expanding while my skull is shrinking

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LSD? :lol:

— Begin quote from “scott”

— Begin quote from “Victoria”

I get a sensation that my brain is expanding while my skull is shrinking

— End quote

LSD? :lol:

— End quote

You rascal! :wink: No, this is garden variety migraine induced discomfort.


The lights have never really bothered me. It’s the pressure change around my head that’s making the difference I think. As soon as I put the pressure on, things change for the better for a little while. Usually until I take the hat off. I’m going to go about for the next few days wearing this hat and see how this goes. It’s definately not the answer, but just a little something that actually helps a bit. It must be pressure related somehow.

The only thing I can think of is, that when the pressure is put on the outside of my head, just maybe it’s forcing some extra circulation in other area’s of the head that are maybe lacking? The relief comes on within seconds when I put the hat on or apply pressure to the lower sides of my head close to the ears with my hand. It’s actually quite nice. I feel a bit of relief and relaxation when the hat is on, like my heads been longing for me to do this. Very strange. But I think it may be redirecting blood flow to other area’s. I don’t even know if that’s physically possible-with that said, that’s my uneducated theory on it. :lol:

Imagine that success story- “Hey I cured my dizziness by just throwing a hat on.” :lol:



Interesting story. Maybe one day I’ll get well enough with the hat treatment to write something about it. :lol:

Hurry, everyone go out and buy a hat and give it a try. This could be our solution to all our balance problems! :lol:

I love how I’m making fun of such a silly treatment that’s actually helping me out some. Good grief!!! I’m paying way too much attention to my symptoms right now.


Well, we used to laugh at leeches and maggots for medical purposes - now they’re using THEM again - so applying pressure doesn’t really sound so strange!


My husband doesn’t get dizzy with migraine - “just” headache (people who get horrible headaches probably don’t understand how I can say “just” but they have no idea what we go through) - and he finds an ice bag to be as helpful, if not more helpful, than the Excedrin that he takes. And he puts an old fashioned eye shade on that I bought for him because light bothers him.

Greg, it might be interesting to know why it works, but it’s more important that it does work!

HI Greg,

I’m not sure if it’s a variation of the same thing, but when my dizziness was really bad, I felt much better for having my head supported, e.g when I was sitting I wanted my head pushed up against a wall or back rest (bit of a problem at home, as we have settees with low backs, that aren’t against walls!).

Also, when I get a headache migraine I like something very cold pressed hard against my head.

But I’ve never noticed anything beneficial from a baseball cap (I occasionally wear one if it’s raining whilst I’m running to keep the rain off my face). Maybe I’m just not pulling it tight enough. Or maybe it’s not not the right colour or it’s not got the right team on it :wink:

But if it works for you, who cares why it’s working, just enjoy the benefits!!

It doesn’t sound so strange to me Greg because I’ve always found relief from pressing my hands on my head or leaning my head against something. Never known why, just that it works. I think I’ll have to look out one of my son’s old baseball caps! :smiley:


Yea, I have it pulled pretty tight. I think it just jacks with head blood circulation a little and seems to be alright for me.


I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one here that a little pressure on the head helps some.


Doesn’t sound strange to me either. Years ago, before I had vertigo and my main symptom was only a terrible carsick headachy feeling 24/7, I often found temporary relief by squeezing my head. I worked with this guy, a great funny friend that I really miss, and I was always asking him to squeeze my head. It felt so good. I never really thought about the why of why it made things better, it just did! I used to think how good it would feel to walk around with a belt around my head that I could tighten as the need arose (but I never actually did that, too weird, lol). I forgot all about having my head “squoken” until reading your post. So I’m sitting here now, typing 10 words and giving a squeeze, another 10, another squeeze . . . . .

I remember a bad migraine melted away when a hairdresser came to my home years ago and used one of those tight caps that they pull your hair through for highlighting, same sort of thing.


Rather the opp expce here: when I’m swimming, removing my goggles eases headache etc. Sometimes I alternate front strokes with back strokes just so I don’t have to keep the goggles on so long.

So there must be something to it. At least I know I’m not going crazy now.