Strange new symptom: Internal trembling

I recently had a strange new symptom I’ve not felt before, a kind of constant brain tremble which lasted all day and all night as I could feel it when I woke up.

I was wondering if this could be a result of a build up of serotonin?

I was considering dropping my dose of Amitriptyline for a night by 10mg in the hope that perhaps I could put the build up in check.

Anyone felt this symptom and/or tried that?



I’ve never heard that one, can you describe it any more? I know some of these symptoms can be so hard to explain, but I also know that sometimes different people will talk about the same symptoms in different ways.

Jon, it’s like a repetitive pulsing in your head. Not that uncomfortable but disconcerting.

Its not like a migraine, as doesn’t seem to escalate into anything and there are no other symptoms.

In that case, I would say I experience that rather often! On bad days (or even just “normal” days sometimes), when I know I’m holding my head still and not moving it, I still have this perception of a tiny amount of pulsing movement going on. You said it’s like a repetitive pulsing in your head, and as a matter of fact I had assumed that I was feeling my pulse. I can feel my pulse in weird places – if I lean my head back against a chair (assuming it’s high enough), I can feel my pulse in the bony part of the back of my head that touches it; if I stand up, I can feel my pulse in my feet! This happens when my symptoms are more active and doesn’t tend to happen when I’m having a good day. I always assumed this was a sort of “go-along” with other symptoms. Like you said, disconcerting but not (physically) uncomfortable.

I’m seeing my neurologist on Tuesday and plan on telling him this among other things. Do you have a way of calming down this particular symptom? I was wondering if something as simple as Advil might work, since that constricts blood vessels and – I assume – this is just a heart pulse thing.

I was wondering if this is down to mild overdose - serotonin building up too much. So was going to try lowering my dose for one evening. However, the symptom has already gone, so I’ll not try this on this occasion.

Could be serotonin-related. I’m three weeks off Pristiq finally and not noticing any difference in how frequent or acute this symptom is for me. Maybe we’re talking about two different things…

Maybe, its not a feeling of swaying, just a trembling … I wonder if it is pulse related … but I believe it was faster. If I get it again i’ll note the frequency of the pulses.

Mine isn’t swaying either – swaying scares the bejesus out of me and gets me really anxious, but only happens when I’m walking somewhere. Trembling is a pretty good way to describe the symptom I’m thinking of. Actually, come to think of it, I can’t think of a better word for it! I can see why you might not think it’s pulse-related, as it’s not a throbbing or rhythmic thing (for me, at least). But I think I notice it around the same times that I can feel my pulse really well (particularly in my head), so that’s why I thought that. It could be anything. Back to what I hate about this – nobody (professionals) knows what is what.

So true!

Hey Miggyco- did your neurologist have anything to add about the internal trembling ?

My understanding of this symptom is that it’s actually me feeling my pulse in various parts of my body, in this case it’s particularly felt in the head, and it sort of makes me feel like I’m vibrating because actually I’m subtly moving my head back and forth together with the pulse. I don’t know if that makes any sense… But when I tell doctors (neurologist, psychiatrist, cardiologist) that I can feel my pulse practically everywhere, without even trying to feel for it, they’re just like, “Yeah, some people are like that, and anxiety contributes to that.”