Strange question - do your bowel movements make you feel better/worse

Sorry in advance if this is a gross topic for anyone. This is a strange phenomenon that I haven’t quite been able to figure out. This also isn’t a joke, I’m 100% serious about this topic.

When I have to poop I always feel much much worse. My dizziness gets magnified tenfold. After I do my business, my dizziness subsides and I feel much better.

I don’t know why this is, but I’m wondering if anyone else has also experienced this. Do you have any information on why this may occur?


EDIT: I wonder if this is due to increased head pressure? I have wondered if MAV is something to do with pressure regulation in the ear having gone awry which might explain many symptom phenomena. Though i’ve never had an issue in the bathroom, I have had problems with going on my haunches when e.g. taking a photograph down low or looking at a low shelf in a shop low which used to make me instantly very much dizzier and sometimes this increased dizziness could last a day or two. The ear is connected to your spinal fluid via the cochlear aqueduct so some pressure is transmitted. If the ear were to be hydropic it might receive this pressure more readily. In this condition, any situation where you are straining might communicate more pressure to the ears and cause symptoms. Just my 10 cents.

(Originally I put this down to having a fistula, but now I’m not so sure … my current theory is its probably to do with Hydrops).

Makes no difference for me…

Yes, I get that too.
The way you described it.

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