Struggling this morning

Hi all

I woke up with increased brain fog this morning. Almost like I am floating. And my light sensitivity is worse than it has been in about 5 days. My dizziness isn’t horrible, but it’s there and with everything combined I just feel really depressed. I feel like I am living in a nightmare. Less than two months ago I was a normal 25 year old with so many plans for the future, and now I can hardly leave my house. I am stressing about money too trying to get some temporary disability but I can hardly deal with that either.

Any ways of coping that has helped? Thanks


Hey I am right there with you, went into a store today trying to get ready for a trip but was just so disoriented, was a bit worried i was gonna faint or something. I left the store got home, felt better. I havnt been diagnosed yet I go see a doctor tomorrow to start on the road to hopefully get everything in order. I hate it because going into stores seems to be really harsh on me,

Honestly I worry a lot about it, but best thing I found is trying to find something that keeps my attention adn brings me some amusement on TV. I know that isnt much help. But try to stay focused on something other than your problem :slight_smile: Also don’t think this board is super active ether :confused:

Ya TV is something that has really helped for whatever reason. I try and be grateful that my vertigo isn’t as horrible as it’s been, or as bad as some other people. It’s just so hard sometimes.

I guess it’s good that there aren’t many people plagued by this. I wouldn’t wish this condition on my worst enemy.

i think there are, just not everyone has internet and various other reasons.

Ya, that is true. Or most are just working and dealing with it maybe. I’m really not sure how people work with this.

Hi @mja1233 - hope all goes well with your doctor! If you truly have vestibular migraine, try to avoid screens (tv, computer, phone) as much as possible as it can make your vertigo worse (that’s why this is a relatively quiet forum :wink: ). Once you get your diagnosis settled, we’re here to help!

Sorry you aren’t doing well, Michelle. There are always ups and downs and you will get better.

Guys, this forum used to be very active but moved on to a Facebook group about a year ago. Look it up: mvertigo.

So, very few ppl hang out here. I do bc I don’t do Facebook. If you need more active support, join the FB group.

Hang in there. It’ll get better :).

Hey guys, Yup it might be good check out the FB group…it might helpful to get advice from people who are more totally recovered than from me! :wink: There are many people with this problem and we can take consolation in that perhaps…although I wish this wouldn’t happen to anyone. Michelle, this happened to me in April 2013, and I’ve found that there are times when it does get better (probably the 2 years I lived outside the US with this problem was better because there were less CFL lights, which apparently the USA is mandating now…which is really tough for me as they are the worst for my symptoms). Seeing a neurologist has helped, although trialing medications has been exhausting and made me feel weird…basically of all the drugs, if I can save you the trouble and worry, nortriptylne works the BEST for decreasing light sensitivity in my case and preventing the migraines that come inevitably from too much fluorescent light exposure. I’m going to have to go back on that unless I go live on a farm with candelight… :slight_smile: I happen to have had a very bad day too because I was in a conference room with a powerpoint screen and fluorescents overhead and now I have a horrific pain behind my left eye and I have to go to sleep. But the good news is I’m not dizzy…I have gabapentin to thank for that. But gaba doesn’t stop the migraines from coming like nort. does… Anyway, I am sending my warmest wishes to all of you and I’m sure that you’ll find a drug, perhaps nortriptyline (or topamax if you can tolerate it better than me - I have this sulfa allergy), that helps you feel better. I’m kind of tempted not to take any meds at all but I’ll see if I could deal with that. I do know that the time I was on an Atkins (low carb) diet I felt better - that and cutting out caffeine - maybe it’s the low sugar and low caffeine combo that worked pretty well. xxx

PS My neurologist said an army veteran who was my age had this happen to him too…he’s on gabapentin 600mg per day (200 3x a day I guess)… I think he turned suddenly to grab something when he was driving his truck and had it happen where all of a sudden he got dizzy. Then MAV came…as we know. I think it’s a viral attack that causes it, a virus comes out in a moment of stress and damages the cranial nerves and then you have neuralgia and head pressure and chronic dizziness, overactive nerves… Anyways, hoping my nerves one day chill the heck out. In the meantime, it’ll be once-nightly nortriptyline for me I think. Take care all xxx

Quick update:

Thanks to everyone for replying! Have been feelings tons better after a NUCCA adjustment. Have felt normal for two days straight which is the best I have felt since it all started. Fingers crossed!