Study in progress on Topamax for MAV

Found this while looking for something vastly different (though migraine was a keyword in my search): … %22&rank=1
Looks like a bad study to me. 8 weeks is too short, no? And starting at 50mg - I wonder how many patients will give up because of side effects. :?

That is a really dumb study when it titrates differently than the physician’s own prescribing index demands. Holy Cow, Tran, you are right, how many on this forum would put 50 mg of Topamax in their mouths and live to tell about it, and then they want you to go right up to 100 mg in two weeks. Not me! Unless we are so ultra-sensitive that it’s ridiculous, those volunteers are going to be pretty Dopamaxed up :!:

I did use that link to try to find other Topamax studies currently active. there are some listed as under recruitment. there is one listed as completed, but no results are posted (the dosing was as per prescribing index). I didn’t go much further. So not a whole bunch going on regarding Topamax, at least in the first few pages.

Interesting link, Tran,