Study into Migrainous Vertigo

Hi all

I’m a member of the charity Migraine Action in the UK and I received an email asking for volunteers to help with a study into Migrainous vertigo by the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery. Just thought I’d post the details in case anyone in the UK wanted to take part.

You can find out more here:


Hi Jeni,

Thanks for posting about this. I have contacted the researcher and hope to take part!

Me too :slight_smile:

Excellent find Jenlo,

If I were in the UK, I’d be in the que as well. I’m very glad to see this study being conducted. I wonder what sort of things they will be looking at? I plan on emailing the researcher later today.

Keep us posted about this work!

Best … Scott 8)

Hi Jeni,
just wanted to say thanks for posting the link - I’ve sent an e-mail to them…
Thanks again,

Hi all

I’ve also emailed to find out more and volunteer but heard nothing back yet. I’ll let you know if I hear from them.


J – I stuck in a snapshot of the page to grab more interest. S :slight_smile:

I wonder if they would take overseas participants? Scott did you ask when you emailed?

Seems like the UK is more educated about MAV than the USA, Australia and Canada put together…HOPEFULLY more doctors around the world will become more educated about this study.

I haven’t heard anything from my e-mail, so I called the phone number and had an automated message telling me that the voice-mail box for the migraine study is full (and to try again later)!! Ah well…

Was just wondering if anyone heard back about this study? I emailed the day this was posted and haven’t had any response.


No, I haven’t heard anything either. I would assume that they had enough volunteers.



Another update from me. I’ve just heard back about this study. They say that they’ve had a big response for the request for volunteers and they’e asked if they can contact me by phone to see if my migraine symptoms make me suitable for taking part

Will let you know what happens


Hi Jeni,

I just came on here to say exactly the same thing, as I’ve also received that email!
I hope some/all of us are eligible to take part, as it would be great to be involved in something proactive like this.

me too, left a phone message

Hi all,

Resurrecting this old thread as I was wondering how many people had heard more following the email/phone call.

I’ve now been sent the vials to collect my saliva samples and a couple of questionnaires to fill in. I’m sure the study organisers know what they’re doing but I must say the questionnaires were completely muddled with pages from one questionnaire back to back with a different one. It was a bit difficult for my dizzy brain to work out what belonged to what! Also some of the questions were a bit weird and difficult to answer due to ambiguity etc. and they kept referring to ‘your headache’ which is annoying in a MAV study.

Nevertheless it looks like an interesting study and even if we don’t personally benefit from it let’s hope our spit’s gonna help future MAVers!

Dizzy Lizzy x

I’ve heard nothing beyond the initial email that acknowledged my interest in participating. I live in Canada so she may have opted to only go with those living in the UK, which I can understand. I sincerely hope that her study results will aid with finding a cure, or at least treatments we all can live with.

Hi, I live in the UK, but have also not heard anything more since the initial email. However, I don’t live near London (Dizzy Lizzy, I think you do, if I remember correctly?) so I am wondering if they want people who live locally to the study?

Beechleaf, I doubt that’s the case as they said no travel is involved. As far as I can tell, I’ve sent off my saliva and questionnaire and that’s the end of it. It’s probably something to do with the fact I was a patient there before I defected to Dr S in Kent.

Be interesting to hear the results when published, although I doubt they’ll be able to tell me if I have the dodgy DNA!

I live just outside the M25, and I’ve heard nothing beyond the original acknowledgment reply/e-mail… :frowning: