Stuffy ears?

I was just wondering who else out there has stuffy ears with MAV?

MAV is still a “probable” diagnosis for me. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has the weird ear pressure to go with the MAV.

Now, maybe I am just an anomolie because my Dr’s believe that the MAV is due to sinusitis and allergies and maybe the stuffy ears have to do with that and not the MAV.

I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there with this problem and MAV.



I decided to introduce myself on this thread rather than start a new one. The post is probably going to be long. Sorry. :frowning:

MK - I also have “stuffy ears” which for a long time kept me thinking that my dizziness was ear related.

Actually, I don’t know for sure that my dizziness (which is not vertigo) is migraine related, but I strongly suspect so.

I rate my symptoms in my journal as:

1- Dizzy day
2- Really dizzy day
3- Extrememely dizzy day

All the symptoms are pretty much there all the time, but vary in intensity.

My symptoms are:

A vague, slightly “tilty” sort of dizziness, like little “jolts” that effect my vision and sense of balance.

Pressure inside my head, in kind-of a band, that is the strongest behind my eyes.

Sometimes this pressure feeling gets so bad that I lose a little vision. Things get blurry. Sometimes the blurriness is worse in one eye than in another. Sometimes I get a mild headache. Rarely, I get a vicious headache.

On the “extremely dizzy” days I can be very sensitive to light and noise and sometimes get nauseas.

The symptoms are there 24/7 and progressively get worse as the day goes on.

Sitting in front of the computer (which is my source of income) makes the pressure/dizziness progress VERY fast to the point where I sit in front of the computer with one eye closed trying to do my work.

This dizziness first came on around 1996 or 97 and lasted for about 3 months. I had lots of ear and eye tests, an MRI and a contrast CAT of my neck. All normal. Blood tests all normal. One day, toward the end of the 3 months, my doctor nonchalantly asked me if I ever see “snow flakes” and I said yes, sometimes. He said “You’ve got atypical migraine” and prescribed amerge.

I took it everyday for about 3 days and the dizziness went away. I think now that it was coincidence that it did.

The symptoms went away until the winter of 2000, when they came back and lasted until the summer of 2001. During that time I visited the same doc that had prescribed amerge and he gave me some samples of maxalt. I tried it, but had no relief. I waited out the dizziness and it eventually went away.

It went away for the most part until the winter of 2002 and plagued me on and off (5 minutes here, 24 hours there) until August of 2004 when it showed back up and hasn’t left.

I recently visited an ENT doctor to perhaps get a second oppinion on my ears, maybe some more tests. He diagnosed it as BPPV even though I don’t have vertigo and he didn’t do any tests. I thought at least he’d check for allergies.

I want to go to a neurologist, but I want to do some research and find one that specializes in migraine and who won’t just dismiss me. My family practicioner (new because I’ve moved) is a very nice man, but doesn’t see how it could be migraine related because “Migraine lasts from 24-72 hours.”

Ironically, he’s put me on Prometrium (natural progesterone) because my symptoms get better right before my period and then flair up drastically right after I start.

Other symptoms I have had made me wonder about TOS.

Anybody have any imput? :smiley:



You asked about stuffiness in ears or ear pressure. I read that that can be a symptom in Meniere’s Disease. Has any dr mentioned this as possibility?

Just wanted to mention that.:slight_smile:


The symptoms aren’t there for Meniere’s. No hearing loss. No vertigo. No intense tinnitus. And the dizziness is pretty much constant where with Meniere’s it’s episodic.

I’m GLAD it’s not meniere’s! :smiley: