Last week, I had a couple of peanut butter cookies and they didn’t affect me. I know that peanut butter is a common trigger for a lot of people with migraines, so I was excited I was able to eat it. I figured since I was able to handle the peanut butter, maybe I would be lucky enough to tolerate chocolate as well. So I ate six LARGE mint chocolate brownies (with mint frosting and made with lots of olive oil) over a 12 hour period. I usually don’t pig out like that, but since I have restricted my diet so much lately, something over came me like I was some crazy ravenous animal. Anyway, the subequent 72 hours were hell. Yes, I am stupid. At least I know chocolate is a trigger for me and probably olive oil as well. By the way, those brownies were so freaking good, it makes me sad that I have to give up something so yummy. Oh the joy that this disease takes away from all of us on so many levels…


Those brownies sound heavenly! Sorry for the set back. What exactly happened as a result? Head pain and/or dizziness?

I haven’t completely started my migraine diet yet–I’m slowing tapering down on caffeine because I can’t handle the headache on top of the dizzies right now. I figure another week and the caffeeine is out. The other things are going by tomorrow–after a store run to get proper groceries!


It was a combination of both pain and dizziness, but primarily extreme dizziness. I wish the best for you and your diet journey. I wouldn’t recommend mint brownies, but you can always try them to see if you get lucky. If you do, I would try one instead of six brownies.:slight_smile:


Chocolate is a common offender, and you may not have to give them up entirely. Just indulge in smaller amounts when you are feeling well. If you are below threshold, you get some leeway before something kicks your ass. I play this game all the time with offenders. I also find that I can have more chocolate in the form of cocoa powder than in whole intense dark chocolate. It allows me more chocolate indulgence, more bang for the buck so to speak. And you will want to watch for reactions to all of the other ingredients in that recipe, it could be the worse offender was something you aren’t thinking of.

Burd, good point about the other ingredients. Another trigger for me is blood sugar fluctuations, so that much sugar in a short period of time may have caused the problem as well. I just need to be smarter in my approach to find my triggers. Six brownies isn’t smart.:slight_smile:


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Six brownies isn’t smart.:slight_smile: Ryan

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tasty though :lol:

I wouldn’t make any assumptions about the olive oil, if I were you. Choc is plenty enough to trigger you by itself.