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Success Stories

Dear Lindsay
How you are doing now?
I got it at similar age as you and your grandma and your story has inspired me as I got diagnosed just 2 weeks ago .
Thank you

It great to hear that you are doing ok. How do you feel now?
I am looking for a good neurologist in Toronto/ GTA area, or in Canada - well, now you have a lot of way to communicate :slight_smile: Can you recommend one? You said that there is a large migraine research centre in Canada?
Thank you

Hi GalGo,
if you go to this website:

You will find a list of neurologists in the Toronto area interested in treating migraine and headache.
What I was talking about in an earlier post specifically was a medical clinic/research clinic in my city of Calgary that specializes in the treatment of migraine disorder. Unfortunately, to attend this clinic a patient must be a resident of the province of Alberta.

What is important is finding a neurologist that will listen to you and will encourage you to titrate a medication at your own pace. There is no way that I could have have increased the Topamax by 50 mg every two weeks as some neurologists were suggesting. I was so sick with MAV and so sick from the Topamax initially that I could barely stand. My neurologist let me do this over several months.

You need a doctor that will listen to you and be patient - that is so important because you may have to trial several medications to find one that is right for you. I did this before I found Topamax and recovered from MAV - Lisa

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I’m so glad to see that someone else got better on SSRIs!! I thought I was the only one. lol

Hi Dizzybee!,

So great to hear that you are feeling much better! i have heard good and bad things about Effexor but mainly good things! :slight_smile: so glad it is working for you!

I have a couple of questions for you if you wouldn’t mind answering them please :slight_smile:
before you were put on Effexor did you have many triggers, such as diet or weather?
You mentioned you now eat and drink what you like which is what i am extremely jealous of :smiley: haha
how are you feeling these days? and did you have any side effects when you first started Effexor :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you soon! :slight_smile: i cannot wait to live a normal life again. Having vestibular migraines is really a full time job and an absolutely exhausting one :frowning:

Hey Charlotte! Wow this is an old post…lol! Before Effexor stress was really my only trigger. I could always eat and drink whatever, weather didn’t affect me (that I could tell). I honestly think I had a nervous breakdown and possibly was suffering from depression. My brain went berserk! :wink: But, now I’m good. My neurologist has me getting off Effexor - it fixed the migraine issue but I also gained a lot of weight. Like 60 lbs in 2 years. I tried getting off Effexor but had to do the Effexor-Prozac bridge. Without Prozac I wasn’t able to get past day 3 of no Effexor. Now It’s been a week since taking my last Effexor pill and I’ve noticed no withdrawal symptoms. I have one more week to go on Prozac then I’ll be done with meds (unless migraines come back).

Side effects when first starting? Gosh that’s been so long ago! I’d have to say that it interfered with my sleep at first and then it made me sleepy throughout the whole time I was taking it. I can’t really remember much else about any side effects. Oh, it made me a little gassy. That passed, though (no pun intended!). Other than that and the weight gain nothing really.

So, Effexor was a godsend for me, I just ate way too much on it. I have no self-control…lol! It’s an awesome drug, I can’t speak ill of it. My weight gain was my own fault. Now I’m working to get it off.

If you have any more questions let me know!

Good luck to you! Getting back to normal is possible :slight_smile:

Take care,

Oh ok sorry for making you have to go theough all this again but i really really appreciate you talking to me about it. It really gives me hope as i have heard so many horrir stories of people who do not recover :frowning:

Do you know what sort of symptoms you had before going on effexor whuch helped you?

How okd were you? :slight_smile: so glad your doing much better i hope i can get there one day too! Im 22 years old and from australia :slight_smile:

I didnt realise effecor caused weight gain but i would rather weight gain than dizzy spells any day of the week hahaha :smiley:

Oh it’s fine Charlotte, happy I can offer advice!

My symptoms were 24/7 lightheadedness, head pressure, feeling I would pass out, extreme anxiety. Sometimes it even felt like the ground dropped beneath me. Looking at strong patterns would bother me, going into busy places would make me feel like I was gonna pass out. I was almost 41 when this hit me…I’m 43 now. Not everyone gains weight with Effexor, I always had a tendency to overeat, Effexor for me exaggerated that.

I hate this is happening to you at such a young age! Did something happen? For me it was years of stress and a bad childhood. I go to counseling which helps a lot.

I was nervous about taking Effexor because of things I’d read about it. None of those funky side effects happened to me. It truly did help me.


our symtpoms are slightly different but still very similar, my anxiety is so bad! being in busy or loud places seems to flare up the vm and its awful!

i hope i can get onto a preventative that helps me eat more, because i have a few food triggers at the moment and its so hard to find things to eat and feel normal! Being only 22 it really has taken a toll on me and put me in a bad place.

I have been unwell with other stomach issues for about a year but i was finally starting to feel much better and being positive! then i got a viral infection called vestibular neuritis and its triggered vestibular migraines :frowning:
i dont want to have this the rest of my life, theres so much i want to do. I dont want to be afraid of the weather changes, or afraid to eat at restaurants or what food i can actually eat. theres too many restrictions and triggers and i feel like i can’t be a normal person. this is not an illness i would wish upon anybody!
i also have no history in me or my family of migraines o hard for people to understand what im going through around me…

so lucky none of those side effects happend to you! so did you not have any triggers at all really?
how long till effexor actually started changing your life?

Charlotte :slight_smile:

Hey! Effexor worked great for me. The key is to start low and slow. My neuro wanted me to take a whole 37.5 pill starting off. I actually cut that in half (he’d given me tablets by mistake). It took a few weeks for me to reach 37.5 but when I did I noticed an improvement right away. Took me several months to feel really good but it helped within the first few weeks. It interfered with my sleep but that quickly went away.



Have you considered only one of the meds may be giving you relief?

Hello, your symptoms sound so much like mine. I was wondering did you take the Exeffor before being diagnosed? I have the prescription for it…I am scared to take it. My ENT says that I have made migraines but the Neros are not sure? I saw in one of your posts you took a chance and took it. I just wanted your opinion

Just wanted to chime in that I took Effexor years ago (not for MAV, as I didn’t have any of those symptoms back then), but as someone who is pretty sensitive to medication side-effects I honestly do not remember having any issues with that particular medication. But do what I always do – start smaller than what the doc recommends, and titrate up slowly as well.

My Story

in January this year after 10 month of a constant migraine in my head and neck I came across atlas profilax on my final desperate search for help. I had spent 2k already on different treatments and meds and contraptions and nothing helped.

Meds - amytrip, cocodomol, paracetomol, anti-inflammatories, every vitamin and supliment under the sun, I was skint by 9 month
I had vertigo, pain in skull, migraine every day from scale4 to 10, arm pain and tingling, tinnitus and major depression and suicidal thoughts.

I had the atlas alignment done with a lovely lady who explained that it was just a hard massage that makes the muscle holding the bone relax and allow the bone to fall into its birth place.

I was soo desperate I would have tried anything and paid anything and robbed a bank to do so.

after the treatment I suddenly could breathe better (as an athsmaic) deep in my chest, my eyes were the best part as I have perfect sight but everything was so clear and bright and like 3d. strange I no! its not now as im used to it but at the time I was excited. I could read better as a dyslexic but sad to say that didn’t last.
my head pain went but adrenaline may have kept that at bay so I waited. after a week of hell it al went away. I started to walk again do dishes get dressed wash my hair and go back to work : )

nearly a year later and I no longer have that pain. The migraine flared up for the first week then poofed away. I was scared to accept it because I though it would come back and ruin my life again but it didn’t.

I do get a headache say 3 times a month but the painkillers keep it at bay when I get one. Im no longer bound to a sofa with no life.

There after affects which if you want to know about just ask me.

ive seen a lot of people slag this procedure off but all I can say is when you are as desperate as I was you will try anything and im blessed I did.

im not in full great health I still have areas to work on but as for head and neck and sinus pain its all gone : )

those who live with pain have my respect and sympathy as each day is such a struggle.

thanks for reading

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Hello, I was reading these posts and how familiar many of the debilitating symptoms were to me before I found permanent relief. I was extremely frustrated before I found the answer.
I felt hopeless in trying so many modalities to “fix” my atlas and put it into position.
I figure I would post in the success stories as well as I am so happy and want to share.

Then I found Atlasprofilax which is worldwide and has helped millions of people with only one treatment.
It seemed like a leap of faith because it claims that only one treatment is needed to put the atlas into it’s correct position and they guarantee it will stay. You only pay once ($300) and they will see you going forward if needed- for free!! That is AMAZING! They stand behind their claim and I respect that about atlasprofilax. The day I got treated I felt amazing!!! I was hesitant to believe this to be true, but 2 years later, I am still symptom free.
Go to their website and find a practitioner near you- REALLY!!! :slight_smile:

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Another one scott possibly to have is a “must read by all” folder containing the most relevant posts (keep it smallish) - the one post i would put in there is the “appointment with Dr Surenthiran” post. That to me explained more than any other what was happening to me and why…

If all the users could read it they would have at least some information to pass onto their GPs and Consultants …and even get a good grip on what is happening to them and why. And how to go forward from there…


Hi Nance, it is great to see that you are ba k on your normal life again. I too also is suffering from vertigo for 4 yrs now, but i dont think i am diagnosed which one so i think i havent found the right doctor and medication. Same experience as yours, the dizzyness gets worst before i get my period. I survived for years but did was not able to live before this sickness. I’m also always feeling tired, and sleepy. I cannot look down and cannot sleep lay flat or on my left side. Doctors only giving me serc (bethahistine), i dont think it helps. I’ll be seeing another doctor and hope and pray that it would be the correct one. Seeing different doctors and taking new medicines is not easy! As it gets us dizzy too! :wink:

Hi, just want to ask how did you gave birth? Is it normal delivery? Or c-section? It’s awful that you have experienced this while you are pregnant! I have vertigo for more than 3 yrs now, just managing it but not really cured it. Still searching for the right doctor/medicine. I am planning to start a family with my bf prob this dec, and pregnancy is one of my concern as i hope my vertigo goes away before i will get pregnant :sob:t i pray and hope we all get well!

Hi All,

It will be good for older members who still visit to update the success stories on what worked and what did not. It has been a while since we saw some new success stories crop up. Folks who have had success should definitely post so you can propagate the optimism. It will be useful for members like me who are on the route to getting better. Hopefully this post will bring this thread to the top and some old/new members will be encouraged to share their positive experiences.

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Just a reminder for anyone who posted a Success Story to consider posting an update and letting us know how you are doing? Especially if you’ve continued to improve! This will give our members a good boost! :slight_smile: