Success with treatment

Good morning. I am fairly new to this forum. I, like many others, was misdiagnosed for several months. Without getting into a long explanation, I was finally diagnosed with MAV in November. The Dr. had to do a few tests to discount the vestibular tests I had already been given. He initially put me on lamotrigine 25 mg for the first two weeks to increase to 50 mg then to 100 mg. Unfortunately, I had a reaction to the 25 mg(after 3 doses). Panic, anxiety which I had already been suffering became worse. I went to my GP and she took me off the Buspar (I had been on for anxiety since this began in May) and prescribed 20 mg of Lexapro (which I had been on in the past and worked well for my anxiety) So then my Dr. that prescribed the lamotrigine then suggested I stay off it for 10 days and begin taking 12.5 mg at that point, increasing every 2 weeks by 12.5 mg until I reach 100 mg. At this time, I am currently on 50 mg. The reason I am telling you all this is because it is working. I am seeing a definite change in all my MAV symptoms and my anxiety. The goal date the Dr. gave me to feel much better is 3 months. He said I should either feel the same or better each day, but not worse. Which has been the case, I have not had any “bad” days. Each week I may have a day or two that is not ideal, but more and more the days are better. I have started walking 30 mins 5 days a week and resuming “normal” daily activities. I know how devastated I have felt during this. How desperate. I know that people sometimes leave forums when they feel better. I wanted to let everyone know what seems to be working for me. I thank God everyday that this is working. My best goes out to all of you still suffering from this.

It’s great that this is working for you so well, and it’s neat that you shared your story. The only thought I want to throw in is that if you do happen to have a bad day or few days at some point down the road, it won’t necessarily mean that your treatment isn’t working. Everyone has off days, some harder than others,some even hard enough to bring back symptoms we thought we had put behind us.

Hi there,

Great news that you are feeling so much better. I hope to see you up in the Success Stories thread before too long. :smiley:

Thanks to the good doctors and research into migraine thus far that has allowed you to feel well again. 8)


So glad to hear this! We need to hear more good news around here, I think most people run off when they feel better!

Yeah! Love to hear it when someone gets better! It gives all of us hope! Very happy for you :slight_smile:

Just wanted to touch base regarding my treatment. I am still on 20 mg of Lexapro and that seems to be controlling my anxiety nicely. I am now up to 75 mg of Lamotrigin and continuing to feel better and better. I do have some days that i feel a little less than 100% but for the most part I can tell I am better. Not only that, but the people around me can tell. Sometimes when I doubt my recovery is actually working (partly b/c i can’t believe it’s really happening!), my coworkers and friends point out how much better I really am and comment that I’m almost like my old self. I go back for my 3 month follow up 2/6/12 and will check in after that. Best wishes to everyone going through this.

I am so happy for you! I need the encouragement, Im having a hard time finding the right med. Im on my third one now with no improvements yet.

Its very possible that the Lexapro is helping your MAV too!