Sudden extreme spin when experience sudden emotion

Hi Guys,

How are you all doing?

I have been struggling to monitor how Clonidine has been going as I’ve had a heap of other triggers thrown at me in the past couple of weeks including long haul flight, jet-lag, lack of sleep, too much alcohol, and more recently, the break down of a relationship.

My period is due this week so if the dizzies are better behaved than they usually are, under these circumstances I think Clonidine must be doing something. Will see.

My question is, does anyone experience sudden spins when they become suddenly emotional? And is this MAV or is it anxiety? Or a combination of both?

Even if I think about something sad, for example, I was just on the phone to someone who mentioned Mr MM and I said ‘We’ve broken up and are not moving in together’, my head did this massive WHOOSH that lasted a few seconds.
Why? I wasn’t particularly worked up- I was just stating a fact. It is so weird.

Of course, if I’m crying or emotional situation then the dizziness is suddenly ramped up high for an extended period of time. That is more understandable.

I had what I think is a panic attack on Saturday night. I wasn’t particularly worked up or anxious at the time, but I was having palpatations and all of a sudden, felt a rush, a kind of woosh, race from my head to my toes, all through my body. My friend said to me “Lou are you alright?” and I said ‘no!’. My hands were shaking, I couldln’t stand, my legs felt like jelly, I felt cold but I was burning up, my throat started to close up and I thought I was having a heart attack.
The next day I was way more dizzy than usual.

I want to control this. I don’t want to feel like this. Everything is so shit.

I was going to move in with him, he got a great new job with a great pay increase, I was going to able to take a different job on less hours as he could support us both, I was going to get better and be happier and less stressed. But he fucked it all up by being violent one evening when we were drunk. Totally not in his nature apparently… If I didn’t have MAV, if the depression and anxiety hadn’t taken over, if I hadn’t mixed my meds with alcohol, I don’t think we would have even got to this stage. I wouldn’t have been a pain in the arse, I would have been a happy person and easier to be in a relationship with. :frowning:

I hate how much this illness has ruined my life.

Sorry- ranting. If anyone can relate to these sudden whoosh feelings through the head, when emotional, I’d be grateful to at least just know I’m not alone.

Thanks guys xx

Hey MM

I was wondering how you were doing! Sorry to hear about the crappy things that have happened to you recently. No wonder you have been having these whooshy and spinning feelings when your emotions must be all over the place. I have similar things happen to me sometimes and also my dizziness increases if my emotions are heightened too so you’re not alone there!

What a shame about Mr MM, it sounded like you were doing so well together. Do you think it’s something you could work out together or was the violent behaviour too serious for that? Don’t blame yourself. If he can’t handle you at your worst then he sure as hell doesn’t deserve you at your best (quote: I think Marilyn Monroe said that!) There are plenty of guys out there who will put up with the bad times without getting violent or nasty so maybe this is a sign that things aren’t meant to be and you will be better off apart in the long run. I don’t know but I hope you work things out one way or another.

Things will improve, just take some time to relax if you can after all the craziness and hopefully the MAV will calm down. Easier said than done I know! You’re not alone anyway, we are all here for you to rant to whenever you like.

Take care xx

By the way, did you get your Lyme tests done in the end?

I just logged on to research this very question, and here it is. Like you, I am going through an incredibly stressful period – leaving the family business after a decade, fighting with an ex over child support, just turned 50, other issues as well. I seem to get dizzy right before big meetings where emotions will fly. I want to just curl up and crash. I also experience it as a woosh, a spinning.

I am glad that I am not alone in feeling this. Thanks for sharing, even though I am sorry you are going through such dificulties in your life.

Hi miss moss I relate to everything you have said. My dad died 2 weeks ago and I hate spent a long time crying and my dizzies get so much worse when I start. Also day later the hangover feeling of crying so much. Weirdly though its a different kind of dizzy than I experience if I am wound up ale angry. So sorry to hear about your break up but god don’t blame yourself girl there is no excuse for violence. Hope you are ok. Angela x

Angela, really sorry to hear about your dad. Hope you are coping ok…

Have you started topamax yet or did you put it on hold for the time being? x

Thanks Jem. Life a little sad as you can imagine. To make matters worse my partner has left me but I am determined that this episode in my life is not going to break me or put me back where I was in 2011. Have worked too hard to get better. Not tried topiramate yet as I don’t want some huge change at the moment. How are you doing Jem?

And yes miss moss I agree with you that this illness takes away such a lot in our lives. My partner couldn’t cope with my illness any longer, he was forever throwing it in my face. Even said I map makin it up. I can’t deal with that on top of having to live with it. I knew this day would come. If we don’t look ill people think we make it up. It’s so frustrating. For 6 months now I have had to go through my daily struggle in silence because he no longer would listen about how I was feeling. His words were I think you should be better by now and start laying down in bed and watching television. It’s all in your head he said. So I am glad he has gone. Hope you ok miss moss x

Angela oh no, really sorry to hear about all this stuff going on in your life. Don’t know how you are coping! Had you been with your partner long? Do you think it is purely because of the MAV and he couldn’t handle it? I know some people can be awful with illness and usually if they have never been ill themselves they have no empathy for others and think they are either making it up or exaggerating. I am sure if/when they get ill they will change their tune! Really hoping things look brighter for you soon x

Yes Jem he was great for a long time but he kept thinking I should be better by now and should be back to normal. He knows the background to this illness but will throw it in an argument which I won’t tolerate at all. I want support and encouragement not being yelled at for not being able to do the stuff I used to. Good riddance to be honest.

Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for your replies. Sorry it’s taken a while to return to the forum… Everything has been a bit stressful in the real world.

I’m sorry others react in the same way with these sudden spins. It totally sucks and can be very scary. But it is really reassuring to know that there are others who do have this. I was totally obsessing that this was the new baseline. Of course, it wasn’t.

Angela- I am so so sorry to hear about your Dad. This much be such a hard time for you. Also for your partner to not be able to cope with your illness. It takes a lot of strength to be able to end a relationship when you are ill doesn’t it? I really feel I need that crutch of a person to prop me up. But as Jem said, if someone can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best. I like that quote and I remind myself of it often. Mr MM was very good, but in the end, I think I became too much to handle in terms of my exasperation and difficulty coping when the real bad dizzies hit. It’s just impossible to see the wood for the trees at the darkest times.

I really hope you don’t suffer too much dizzy wise because of these 2 stressors.

I’m feeling a bit stronger now so I’m back here. Looking forward to the meet up. Thank you again for everyone’s support.


P.S Jem- I have my Lyme testing Jul 25th. (Be interesting as I’ve developed whole body twitching lately)

I become very dizzy even if it’s a happy stress, like meeting someone for the first time or an intense conversation, as if it were connected to the rise in heartbeat, adrenaline, blood pressure or something like that. But certainly, when I was in a terribly stressful situation last year, the dizziness was the worst imaginable.

So sorry to read about all that’s happened MM. Glad you’re feeling stronger though. They’re clichés but true nevertheless - we’re all stronger than we think we are and yes, it too will pass, just as tomorrow is another day. We always think things will never change, that we’re stuck this or that way forever when a crisis occurs and we hit rock bottom but it never ceases to amaze me how mostly we somehow find a way to deal with whatever and get through to the other side. Really pleased you’re on your way again! Take care. :smiley:

Angela, I am so sorry too to hear about your circumstances and I very much admire your strength of mind and resolve. All the same it must be so hard and I wish you the very best and hope that life has something good in store for you. :smiley: