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Sumatriptan question

So I’m just starting out on medication. I have amitriptyline and sumatriptan. I should’ve probably asked my neurologist this, but I thought someone might be able to offer advice here. I don’t actually really notice when I have a migraine because my symptoms are 24/7 and I’m in a chronic phase. I know the sumatriptan is an abortive measure, but would I only take this if I was suffering with pain due to the migraine? Or should I take when I have a bad attack of vertigo?

Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense or is written poorly, I’m super dizzy currently ! :pleading_face:

Thank you.

I don’t think sumatriptan works on vertigo but I’m also not 100% sure on that. I take it whenever I get bad headaches or my right sided migraines. Doesn’t seem to have much impact on my dizziness.

I do know your not supposed to take it more than 3 times in a week due to rebound headaches. It might be worth double checking with your doctor though to see what their plan is for your protocol.

Thank you. Yeah I think I’ll double check with my doctor. I don’t really get any pain, so maybe I’ll just need to take the amitriptyline. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

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No prob! It’s always nice to have on hand though in case you need it.

I’ve been taking sumatriptan for years and it works only for the pain part of my migraines. It doesn’t do anything when it comes to the dizziness


My symptoms have been 24/7 too, its really hard to tell when to use triptans I agree.
I have head pressure most of the time, but when the pressure starts to get so intense that I can’t do much but lay down, then I take the triptan and it does help. Note that I still wouldn’t consider it “painful”, which is really weird and hard to explain to my Neurologist.

The triptan doesn’t directly help my chronic dizziness, but the more I can abort the really bad head pressure attacks the more (on average) the dizziness comes down.


Yep. As you say Erik. Control the Migraine, which is what the neuro said the head pressure is, and you break the associated vertigo link. I notice it every time now however it is not easy to spot until one has some control over those 24/7 symptoms.

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