Supplement question/success

Has anyone tried and had success with a mix of supplements? At my last doctor appointment we decided I should try the supplement route:

400mg magnesium daily (which I have been doing on and off for about 6 months)
100mg CoQ10 taken 3X a day
400mg of B2 taken 1X a day

I took my first dose of b2 today and have noticed no ill effect so far! I think I’ll take this for a week and then add in the coq10 so if something doesn’t jive I can figure out which it is.

Anyone else have any experience with this + or - ?


I take 400mg Magnesium, A B multi that has about 50mg B2 (because I read that a) this amount was as effective as the higher dose albeit in one trial, and b) I read body can only absorb about this much in 1 hit (you pee the rest straight out), plus 125mg feverfew. I also read that you need to take B2 with other Bs for best absorption??

I don’t know if the magnesium and B2 have had a big effect but Nausea was a huge issue for me so I think the feverfew (ither along or in combo) is really helping. I certainly haven’t had any negative effects.

Certainly after 3/4 weeks of this regime I felt better in myself, although apart from the nausea I didn’t see a very dramatic improvement in the rest of the symptoms - but I think there was a subtle one.

I was thinking about the coQ10, but as it’s a blood thinner and so is feverfew I’m reluctant to double up - and I really don’t want to stop the feverfew.


My neurologist recommends 1000 mg of magnesium daily, and 400 mg of b2 daily, both can be split so you can take twice a day. I can tolerate the magnesium (after the initial getting used to it), but I only take 200mg of the b2. And yes, your body can only absorb so much of the b2 at once, so you may have to split it more. You have to take both of these over a number of months to see any useful affects. I have taken them for a few months and I think they are helping, along with my medication (Topamax). He does also recommend CoQ10, but at this stage I am not taking it.


I’ve been taking all three of the supplements you mention and while they seem to help I can’t say if they are the reason I’m finally feeling a little better. It could be the meds (effexor & verapamil) or that thru prayer and meditation I don’t seem to worry and obsess about not feeling well as I once did. Good luck.