Supplements and MSG

Sorry, it’s me again - harping on about MSG :oops:

The thing is I’ve now discovered that all the supplements I like to take and want to start taking contain MSG. I feel like I need them even more now I’m on the mav diet, eg calcium when I’m eating no dairy :expressionless:

I’ve never seen a supplement with MSG in it. What would be the point? Any chance you’re misinterpreting the ingredient lists?

They almost all have it in in one of its hidden forms :x

Sally – I’m not aware of MSG being in all of these vitamins but do agree it is used in some of the gel caps. Can you hunt down what you need in a veggie cap? Check out for VMS items. They usually have a veggie cap version, their prices are CHEAP and shipping fast – even to Australia.

Scott :slight_smile:

It’s driving me mad lol I think I might just stop obsessing over it and decide that cutting down is better than nothing - never gonna cut it all out am I? I spent nearly an hour in a vitamin shop yesterday and almost everything had msg in it in some form or other. Need to calm myself down about it all lol but first I would reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally like to find out if it’s in white bread and baked beans because it doesn’t say so on the ingredients but I can’t quite believe it :?