Surgeries and Anesthesia

Have you had any surgeries since you’ve had MAV?

My wisdom teeth are KILLING me but I’m freaking out about the anesthesia and how it’s going to effect me. I can only imagine waking up after the surgery and just completely spinning, just like after my 2 c-sections and I just don’t want to do that because it is complete hell.

I think there are other methods such as “laughing gas, etc.” but was just wondering how you all dealt with the “going under” part? Did you wake up dizzy?

when I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I was given IV Valium and laughing gas. I had all 4 pulled, and had no issues whatsoever. I was awake, but did not care what was going on as I felt pretty medicated! Don’t think you have to be “put under” for wisdom teeth. Alot of meds they use for sedation are benzo meds, which I think people take for sypmptoms of MAV anyway.
Hope this helps some!

Sorry to hear that you have had problems with surgery and your MAV. I’ve had two surgeries since being diagnosed and didn’t have any problems with dizziness. Although I was so out of it, and unable to get out of a horizontal position for a couple of days that I couldn’t tell if I was dizzy or not. :lol:

On a side note though, I had my wisdom teeth pulled while I was in the Navy and they didn’t use any form of laughing gas, or anesthesia. As a matter of fact, the only thing they give to calm you down was a napkin with a whole for you mouth laid across your face so that you can’t see anything to scare you. :shock: I had all four wisdom teeth pulled in one sitting and did not have any problems with it.

I hope everything goes well for you when you do get those teeth out.

Wow! Thank you! I think I will opt out of the going under option since that scares me anyway and just get the good old benzos since you’re right, those help with MAV anyway!

I think they use a short acting hypnotic for these type of things. The one they use here is called Versed. I had mine out and woke up fine…went to dinner that night. They were all four impacted and had to be dug out and I still managed just fine. Had a good doc too!

I’ve had anaesthesia with MAV - light generals and hypnotics. No dramas at all. But then I’m weird - I love that feeling just before you go under and then the few minutes after when you come round. Like Benzos to the power one hundred :lol: