Surgery to Relieve Migraines

There are several physicians in the U.S. who perform surgery on the peripheral (outside the brain/spinal cord) nerves to relieve migraines. Most of these doctors are plastic surgeons since they are trained extensively in working with peripheral nerves.

There is a Johns Hopkins Medical School trained physician named Dr. A. Lee Dellon, MD, PhD who has interesting information on his website about the procedure. (In general, he frees specific nerves in the front and/or back of the head/neck that are compressed by certain muscles/fascia (connective tissue). I will try to link the specific page where he describes in great detail the surgery. In case my link doesn’t work, go to and then click on “pain solutions” and proceed to “chapter 13.”

It’s well worth a read all the way through: By the way, look past the rather cheesy introduction (in my opinion) to the chapter. After that, it’s excellent information written in an easy to understand manner.

My question is, I wonder if he’s encountered any patients with VM for whom they received relief from dizziness with the surgery…