Hey all,

I had surgery yesterday on my ear. About six years ago, I had a tube put in my ear, and the hole has never healed up. I had one doctor recommend getting it patched, and the doctor that was going to patch argued against saying that I could live just fine with a hole in my ear. When I told him that I had gotten a couple of ear infections from swimming with my kids, I finally convinced him to do it.

Today, I am walking around with gauze over that ear, and now that my other ear has gone bad as well, I am having problems differentiating sounds from each other. I have also become much more aware of the low frequency hearing loss in that ear as well. Other than that, things are going well. Iā€™m still a little woozy and wobbly from the anesthesia still, but that is to be expected.

Glad the surgery went well. please continue to keep us posted. feel good!