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Suspected VM at young age

Hello all,
While I have not been diagnosed specifically, reading all these topics I find myself connecting the dots with a lot of symptoms. A little background info, I am 18 and have been suffering with severe nausea and motion issues everyday since early January 2021; more specifically I get extremely nauseous from reading anything and extremely motion sick, especially from driving. I feel as if I am motionsick all the time with bouts of dizzyness and vertigo occasionally from moving. I had done one semester of online university, and continued to after the onset even though I failed courses for the first time in my life because of my condition. If I do not improve I will not be able to attend school again, I am unable to work more than 4 or 8 hours a week and can’t last longer than 30 minutes in a car. I have lost any motivation, all the bouncy energy I used to have playing hockey and rugby is gone. Honestly I have lost my life.

I have seen 5 GP’s, been hospitalized once and seen one neurologist; who after a few tests sent me on my way because “there is nothing wrong with me”. After 3 months of waiting next week I finally get to see a otolaryngologist.

I have only been prescribed amitriptyline while in university and after 20 days I was so groggy I stopped taking them. Severe depression and anxiety did not help, but I became more “lively” again once off of it. I have tried vestibular rehabilitation for months, acupuncture, physio, different vitamins and nothing has helped.

Two weeks ago I started to see a chiropractor, while I am hesitant to say it has helped, I have had one good good day since (never had that before). Has anyone had any relief from chiropractic care before?
I have not seen any posts talking about care from a otolaryngologist either, and that’s more the reason I made the post, seeing if anyone has had experience with a professional from this field?

Thanks to anyone who read my longer post, just trying to find ways so I can feel even somewhat normal and try to piece together how I can live with this.

Hi and welcome.

I’m so sorry to hear about your runaround. It’s so frustrating not being able to obtain a diagnosis. So many of us have been through that one, myself included. However as you will probably appreciate, that is your best way forwards. There’s no definitive test, blood, scan or otherwise but usually the medics can come up with at least a ‘probable’ diagnosis. Maybe you will be more lucky next time. Hope so, meantime,

If you type the word ‘Chiropractor’ into the Search box (little magnifying glass symbol) some fifty plus references will appear, all previous chiropractor experience from MAVers on here. As the site is currently rather quiet that’s certainly your best bet for now. Only current poster i can think of who might have seen one recently is @MNEK18 who I’m sure will respond if she’s anything to contribute on the subject.

All site references to ‘Otolaryngology’ will appear likewise. Also search ‘Dr Teixido’ as he is one. Quite a few current posters have seen him. You can read their experiences. Again check out the archive. There is a very informative document written by Dr Teixido advising others in his profession how he treats VM which I posted back in March but I’ve a feeling, as a newcomer, you have not yet reached an adequate trust level to be able to view that as yet. Some technical and medical info is initially withheld because it can cause excessive anxiety in some people new to The condition, as time passes more should become available to you.

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Hi Helen @Onandon03 @Missingtoo Hi Ella

So sorry you’re suffering - I too suffered this horrible illness at age 18 and was told pretty much the same as you, I kept getting sent away from my Gp with antidepressants which I did not take because I was anxious only because of my weird and scary symptoms! I can say however that you will find lots of help and support on this forum.

Can I ask have you had any scans of your neck at the Chiropractor? I ask this because Emily @flutters told me about her experience with them and that it helped her migraines. I had 5 X-rays on my neck in different positions and found out that I had what they call (Military neck) it is where the bone structure of the vertebrae is very straight not curved like a normal alignment should be. This can cause migraines too, I’ve had 3 treatments since and can say that initially I seem to feel a lot more comfortable.

I have a hunch it may help you too, do try and book in for some X-rays to see if there are any current issues with your neck alignment that could be adding to your symptoms. Anything is worth a try I think.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:t3::kissing_heart:

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Thank you so much for the info Helen! I honestly was a little confused as to why there was such little discussion around Otolaryngology, but that clears things up. I will continue to search the site for more on it.

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Hi Kirsty, thanks for the response; I did finally get a diagnoses of VM (weird to say but I am SO relieved) and have an action plan now for the next few months.
I actually have had a few x-rays, including my neck and nothing was off there! I am glad you have found a little relief from the appointments, I have found it has significantly decreased the pressure I feel in my head.
All the best.