What’s the verdict? Who does it? Is it ok? Did it take a while to build up?

This is being asked by someone who spins out when the bath water flows the other way when you sit up to quickly! My vertigo is still 24/7 but i am slightly more able to walk around and do more things. I would however, love to start building up my strength and fitness as i think this will help me overall.

I have basically sat on my butt for a year, and i’ve only just been able to do some leg exercises without the vertigo throw back overwhelming me.

I know with my vestibular physiotherapy i had to start tiny, and slowly increase - i’m hoping this will be the same with swimming?

All advice welcome!

From, an eternal optimist!

i can hardly walk but i have had no issues with swimming- i say go for it- you won’t know until you try.

how interesting sarah, thank you.

Regarding your walking, be patient - i couldn’t for months, it slowly gets easier, then drops, then comes back… i’m walking ok most of the time now!

I reckon go for it also WTC. Swimming is one of the few times I actually feel normal. I think you should just take it slowly, don’t go swimming on a day when a school is using the pool, try to find a quiet time and build up. That is unless you have your own private pool haha :smiley:

It worked great for me until recently.

Yes, I had to build up, but eventually I built up to a mile-plus, using all sorts of strokes in rotation.

And it did enable me to build myself up, body and mood.

What stopped me was spaced-out behavior stemming from seizures that are not MAV, but may be triggered by it. In a few weeks, I hope, my neurologist will be changing my drugs to arrest this.

I swim regularly without any real problems. I have just recently mastered front crawl which I thought would be awful with all the head turning but no, it’s fine. I swim 3 times a week.

I’ve written a few times about how it all goes away when I’m in the pool. I can’t swim like I used to, no stamina, but I feel good.
But…I worry about it being mal de débarquement – swimming, riding, boating can make it worse afterwards.
Still I do consider moving to a swim all year environment. I don’t like the idea of travelling to an indoor, chlorinated pool for exercise.