Swollen lump under chin and antibiotics

Hi I was wondering if anyone with MAV has had experience with Antiobiotics, like Bactrim? I noticed the other day I had a lump under my chin, so, I finally went to the doctor, I’ve been needing to. I just hate going to the doctor. Well, he said it might just be a virus or bacteria. He prescribed me an antiobiotic, but because of living with this, I’m afraid to take anything at all. I haven’t taken it, and the lump has just been getting bigger each day. I feel trapped. Sometimes I believe I would honestly lest myself die of something before taking meds, that’s how petrified I am of them because of the reactions I had from them due to this disorder. I have a real fear of meds, when in the past I use to take them all the time, almost on a daily basis.

I had a bad reaction to Bactrim years ago (long before MAV), but just I happen to be allergic to some sulfa drugs.

One of the signs of a “migraine brain” can be an (inconsistent) over-sensitivity to medicines (unpredictable or paradoxical reaction) – probably why MAV is hard to treat, in fact. Some drugs that work for most people, don’t work for migraineurs, or the drugs provoke a bad reaction. So, anxiety is understandable.

Some people with a “migraine brain” may have this medicine problem, but I suspect it exists regardless of whether a migraine syndrome is currently active. It’s very possible that (a) MAV may exaggerate the problem, and that (b) the drugs you used to take all the time simply weren’t ones your body would react poorly to. Some drugs give us problems; other drugs don’t at all – it’s anybody’s guess.

In all, I think you should try the Rx. It’s up to you, of course. But it sounds like the lump certainly should be treated. My experience is that antibiotics are pretty well-tolerated compared to many other classes of drugs. And if you DO happen to react, the doctor’s always a phone call away.

I have taken antibiotics and it never affected my mav. I think you will be fine taking them. I am a lot like you when it comes to meds. I just recently did an increase and started a new med. I have found that if I go looking for problems with meds, I will have them. I have just recently started realizing that I need to let go of the fear that mav has created. I was driving myself nuts since Dec. when my mav flared back up with obsessing about it, watching everything I ate too closely, and fearing my new meds would trigger it.

You will be fine. Think of the good it will do…clear up the infection. When you take the med, just try not to think about it at all. If you start worrying or thinking negatively, replace it with positive thoughts. Say something like…this med is going to help me. I notice the lump going away.

Wishing you well and don’t let the internet or people scare you.


I am also med sensitive. In addition to MAV I also have asthma. Every year I get a few upper respiratory infections that end up in my chest - bronchitis or pneumonia - and I end up on antibiotics. I have done fine with most antibiotics. There was just one that may have made my MAV worse - levoflaxacin - but when I came off it I was fine a couple days later. No lasting effect. Everyone is different in how they react to meds. I am fearful of most MAV meds but am fine with antibiotics. Good luck with your decision.

Hi Lucille8,
I understand where you are coming from and I am the same way. I am pretty sensitive to drugs and I am scared to take any type of drug. The only drugs I am not scared to take is basically tylenol. So I feel for ya…It sounds like you need to take it tho so like nance said just try to think positive! (I know easier said than done) Have you tried any drugs for MAV? The only thing I tried was prednisone a few yrs ago and i only lasted 4 days on it and dramamine which I didnt take too long. I haven’t taken anything else for this bc i am too scared to.
Take Care. Ash

Hi guys!

Thanks so much for your thoughts and concerns! I finally got myself to take it. Not without extreme fear. I nearly panicked at one point, but I got myself out of it. The main thing is, like you’ve said, to not think about it too much, or obsess over it. It’s hard sometimes though. I’m really happy because I haven’t taken a pill in like a year. I have a real phobia of meds now. Before the MAV started I use to pop pills in my mouth like nothing. It’s crazy how much this disorder changes you! Anxiety is the worst. I think out of everything that MAV comes with, NOTHING compares to anxiety because that affects everything you do in life.

Thanks so much for everything!

You people are wonderful.


Now hopefully I can take something for my MAV. I have all kinds of scripts in my house but don’t take anything. I have Nori, Topamax, and Celexa just sitting in my house waiting to be taken but I’ve been too scared. Maybe after taking a pill and not fricking dying from it. I can start to take something. So tired of the 24/7 disequilibrium. 3 years straight is enough to make some one go crazy!