Symptom changes

well today in all the five years ive had this my symptoms have really changed ive never had the spinning vertigo and still havnt but my head feels like at any minute now its going to spin out of control and this scares me,ive also had a bad headache and neck pain but only on my right hand side, is this normal? I thought things were supposed to get better not worse!

I had the spinning vertigo, but only some way into the condition and almost always in the morning when lying down, then that part has since calmed down a bit. It’s all part of the same set of symptoms, its a total bore!

I’ve got a theory its air bubbles in your inner ear interacting with your sense. I have literally had nystagmus one way, then the other when sitting up in bed, as if bubbles were passing one sense, then passing the other. Yes air bubbles!! But then I have always had a sensation of bubbling in my ear when getting up in the morning. This has decreased over time, along with the vertigo spins, so I believe they are related.

do you know when the spinning vertigo is going to come? I really feel like its going to happen tonight at some point!

Ha, oh I see, you haven’t had it? Well then relax. Plus, I may tell you the effect is really minor when you are on the meds, its barely more than a tickle, but its very disconcerting when it does happen. And you may feel more unsteady afterwards, but that disappears after a few days at most. But it may never happen, so relax.

gosh,im shi##ing myself right now,i bloody hate this condition with a passion!

Just keep calm, whatever it throws at you, and your symptoms will ultimately be less.

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Ditto what James just said, Mellybob! Your first big hurdle is to try and relax and try to let the meds do their work!!! Do you not have a med for the headache? I ‘resorted’ to a codeine last night and feel better this morning (so far). The dizzies may never hit you - although I do understand the fear of it happening…just try to keep calm - it may never happen:relaxed:!!!
Would it not be worth your while to cut out the wine and caffeine for, say 2 weeks and see if there is an improvement?? Rather test the waters now - before your holiday plans are too close. It seems to me that if one can balance your personal triggers, you can have a little of what you fancy now and then. It seems to be when you get over confident and actually indulge that the beast starts growling. It took me about 6 months to admit that I had to cut the caffeine - reasoning that I’ve been eating/drinking it for years with no problem…HOWEVER - something has changed in my body, and now it is a problem :rage: Sometimes things just suck!! Have a better day!

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ive not had caffeine for years and in 4 weeks only one white wine (small glass) and been on the diet for 4 weeks, I didn’t spin last night phewwwww im so relieved I just took a betahistine and a small dose of valium :confounded::slight_smile: its all in the head so to speak haha! ive just got to sit this relapse out and hope it buggers off one day soon! thanks for the advice everyone, much love to you all!x

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That’s the spirit!

its the only thing I have left :slight_smile:

Great! Just keep on keeping on…this, too will pass!! (My girls used to get a bit sick of that last homily…but came to realize that it is true:slight_smile:)

How was your day Mellybob?

hi agnes I took it easy yesterday,i went for a 30min walk and came back built my sons desk (I hate flat packed stuff) and that was about it, ive woke up this morning and my vision doesn’t seem as bad as it has been (its my worst symptom) not perfect but a little better,still a long way to go! so fingers crossed it stays that way all day :slight_smile: which I doubt! how are you? x


A little better is at least something ey? Hoping that every day you will feel a little better.

I am doing relatively ok (compare to the last ugly days/weeks), still in bed though…going to up my meds tomorrow so a bit nervous. And my period is on her way…during the last one I had to be in complete dark and silence for days so I am a little afraid of what I am going to face the upcoming week.

oh no that sounds dreadful, yes up your medication abit and see if that helps,i hope it does :slight_smile: this thing is time consuming everything takes time and you only see minor improvements week by week month by month,theres no overnight cure,ive got into talking to myself over the last few days I say “its only migraine,but wish you would piss off” haha it seems to help with the anxiety slightly! I really carnt wait to speak to you in a few months time agnes when you will be telling me your up and about doing little simple things x


Good luck with the med increase - hope it gives you an easier week ahead!

Yes good luck Agnes!