Symptomatic but not Diagnosed

Hi all. I am having a really difficult time, so hoping someone out there can relate.

On Monday of this week, I was driving to work and out of no where got depersonalization symptoms. It’s hard to explain - vision felt funny (maybe a little blurry, but not dizziness), slight numbness in limbs, just overall weird sensations hitting my body. About an hour or so later, the sinus pressure set in - behind my eyes, sides of my nose, sometimes I feel like it is on the back of my head, sometimes it bleeds down into my teeth. It causes a brain fog and sense of detachment, which then sends my anxiety through the roof.

I’ve been experiencing this with little to no relief for 3 days now. Sometimes at night everything subsides for a bit so that I can fall asleep, but then it comes right back in the morning. I’ve had other weird occurrences recently because I was on an antibiotic for UTI - for instance, woke up during the night with same numbing/surreal feelings and the same head pressure. So unsure if I might still be having side effects from that medication (I stopped it 4 weeks ago). I’ve also recently gotten off of birth control…hormones in my body are probably wacky at the moment, so maybe it has something to do with that, too.

To give a little history: In 2006 I experienced depersonalization for the first time and ended up at numerous doctors, un-diagnosed and just an absolute emotional wreck (which makes the depersonalization feelings worse). I had another major breakdown in 2010 when I got head pressure pain that I was told was related to jaw inflammation. In 2012, head pressure again sent me spiraling out of control - this time I got an MRI at the ER which again revealed nothing (that time I thought a chiropractor had done something awful to an artery or something). Again, the depersonalization feelings were present.

Needless to say, the fact that the head pressure and yucky disconnected feelings are back are really causing a lot of sadness for me. I am traveling for my brother’s wedding right now and trying so hard to make it through the days. When I get back home after the wedding, I have appointments with a holistic care doc, a therapist, and also trying to get in with another PCP who I’m hoping can refer me to some sort of neuro doc. As much as I want the symptoms to subside, I also want to be able to present with symptoms to a doc so that they can truly evaluate me properly (granted I find the right doc, which has been a huge challenge).

It appears that other people have had much more severe symptoms - has anyone had initial symptoms that are similar to mine? Again: sinus-like pressure, sometimes feels like it is behind eyes/in back of heads, feelings of detachment and some numbness-like sensations, vision feels shaky/sort of blurry, etc.

I hope to connect with others who’ve dealt with this. After doing some research, I feel like a vestibular migraine might be what I am experiencing and have experienced before.

Hi Lauren,

Welcome. We aren’t doctors, so we can’t diagnose. Most of us have inconsistent symptoms for a while followed by some event/trigger or a general ramping up to more or less constant issues. I hope that you’re still in the few days at a time thing. Since this has happened before, I’ll suggest you get an appointment with a neurologist or neuro-otologist and then read all the Wikis on this site. There’s a great deal of information there you can use to compare your symptoms and help you prepare to see a neurologist.


Thanks so much. I appreciate the feedback. Right now it’s just helpful to know I’m not the only person who has dealt with these weird symptoms. I’ve had a lot of inconsistency as well, and it doesn’t help that it causes anxiety. It’s been challenging to say the least!

Hi Lauren
Sorry to hear your having such a hard time.
I can absolutely relate to the sinus pressure!! Almost every post i have put on i constantly complain of sinus issues…pressure/ pulsating pain to almost bursting point. My neurologist says this is indeed migraine

Wow, I’m so sorry. Mine is bearable for the most part. It’s just constant and pesky and is keeping me from enjoying daily life…not to mention causing a lot of anxiety and sadness and overall brain fog. Those are the worst parts. I’ve been shocked to find that what I’m feeling could be a migraine. All the reading I’ve done has pointed in that direction :frowning:

Hi and welcome.

It could well be, if you have the vaguest of migraine history. Don’t leave it to get worse, do what @flutters suggests and see neuro or neuro-otologist and try to find out. If it’s migraine associated vertigo (MAV) a better description is probably ‘a migraine variant balance disorder’. I remember being shocked too when I was diagnosed after 12 years ‘migraine?’ I said. You see, I don’t get headaches, just vertigo attacks but vertigo attacks so similar to migraine a friend, who gets the classic headache migraine with visual aura, told me ‘what you get sounds just like migraine without the headache’. Which was what it turned out to be. How we laughed at the time but she was right. Helen