Symptoms keep progressing - so scared

Lisa, I hope you get some relief soon; must be terrible to go through all this during pregnancy and all…

For some hope: I was in a downspiral around 10 months ago, and somehow it started to turn around eventually… Today I’m on 90% most days (!) without any drugs. I’m not sure I have MAV but whatever I have I don’t think it will ever get to 100% without drugs, because it’s been on 90% for months now and doesn’t seem to change.

Just because it feels (literally) like you’re falling down a black hole out of which there’s no coming up, it’s important not to let that feeling get ahold of you too much. A lot easier said than done I know…

This too shall pass =)

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Timeless - you are so right - I cannot give up. Sometimes I want to, but I have to remember that this is curable and I’ll enjoy my life again one day. hope that’s sooner rather than later, as I get more and more discouraged as time goes on. I have to be strong for this baby. Fortunately, for me, the pregnancy is going very smoothly - I hardly even think about the effects of pregnancy as they are so minimal to me compared to everything else. I’m sure if i didn’t have this illness, I would be complaining about pregnancy symptoms, but I don’t even notice them now. Plus, I think I’ve been blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy, except of course it’s impact on the migraines,.

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I understand your point but I really think the pregnancy may have made your circumstance worse it seems as though per your post you have felt worse since you became pregnant…so I would think that the impact that the hormonal change has had on your MAV has increased somewhat. The pregnancy symptoms may be masked or they are all morphed into one at this point and time …I was so sick for nine months with my first child…24/7 …and if I would have had MAV at that time I have no idea what I would have done. What I am saying is this change with the hormones may have really pushed your symptoms over the edge. Hopefully Dr B can give you some hope and help once you have visited her. Is that this week and is your husband going with you on the visit?

Timeless - I don’t disagree at all. The pregnancy surely made my MAV sxs worse from the day of conception (as soon as my hormones started to change I got even worse). However, I think I was pointing out that my symptoms were horrible before that time. I just went from horrible to more horrible. You’re right - perhaps I’m having more pregnancy sxs than I even realize. thanks for remembering - my appt is on monday, and my husband will be coming. will keep you posted.

Hate that you are feeling so rough, just wanted to say hi and hang in there.
Take care, wish I had a magic wand for you.


Thanks, Penny