Systemic candida

A while back I saw a chiropractor. She was aware of my chronic disequilibrium and told me about her friend who had experienced similar symptoms as well as mild visual hallucinations. This friend took a course of anti-fungal meds and ate a candida diet for three months and was effectively cured.

Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone tried a candida diet or anti-fungal regime? I would like to explore candida as both a cause of migraine and as a underlying contributing factor. It also seems fitting because women are prone to systemic candida as well as being statistically prone to migraines.


Hi Selena
I’ve not tried this diet, but have heard of the benefits.
I think sugar is out of the question and it needs to be done on a long-term basis.

I spoke to a gastroenterologist about candid overgrowth, way back when I thought it could be causing my vertigo, and he almost laughed at me saying no! This idea was rubbish.

Only dying, HIV patients and old people with chronic disease are prone to have this overgrowth, he felt that it was just a way of (natural practitioners) being able to help themselves to peoples pocket books.
Personally I feel he was wrong,
But who’s to say? Surely it wouldn’t hurt to dry those Diflucen oral tabs for a few weeks to see if it helps.
Works for thrush.
I’m not sure of the implications of taking it for a long time is.
Sorry I ‘m not any help.