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So, I’m revisiting this board because I’m on my 3rd bout with MAV. My first bout happened during my first pregnancy and after my son was born I fell of the rocker (so to speak) with MAV. My son was a non-sleeper (seriously, he slept maybe 1.5 hours at the most for the first few months, I got my first 4 hour stretch of sleep when he was 4 months old!!!). So, the MAV combined with lack of sleep, hormones, etc. just sent me over the edge. Long story short, I ended up on Lexapro, got to see Dr. Baloh and was confirmed with MAV. LONG recovery, followed by being able to get off of the meds and feel good (never perfect, but good). So…go figure, I had another kid (which was sooo worth it by the way!!). I don’t know if it was the different hormones from having a girl or what, but this pregnancy was so much easier and the MAV didn’t kick in until the third day after giving birth. I knew what it was this time, stopped nursing, and went on meds right away. Things cleared up so much more quickly because I caught it quickly. I was able to go back on Lexapro, and again, taper off a year later.


These last 6 months, the MAV has slooooowly creeped up again. To the point where I started questioning if I had something else going on. I started doing my research again, and DUH!!! It’s MAV!!! So, I’ve got my Lexapro prescription in hand and am ready to make another go of it to feel normal again. Granted, my symptoms are not NEARLY as bad as when I was incapacitated after giving birth…but they just keep getting worse and are affecting my every day life…it’s getting hard to concentrate, focus, my ears have begun roaring (along with the other millions of sounds I get in them), any sort of light just hurts, and I can barely go into a shopping store anymore without feeling totally spacey and dizzy. I’m just so frustrated that I have to do this again. Why does my body hate me so much!!! Argh. Anyway, I guess I got on here for the extra support. My husband is great, but he works a ton, and taking care of two small children when you feel awful is no small task. I just want to be a great mom, and I’m hoping the medicine can give me that back.

Wow, sounds like what happened to me! This all started for me when my last baby was two months old. I was so sick, it was awful. But I was diagnosed with postpartum depression/anxiety. The neurologist said he thought it was migraine, but didn’t explain and I was so anxious that I went with the postpartum depression. Celexa is what I took and it got me to about 80-85%. I went off of it due to weight gain and I thought I was feeling better. Then four months later it all was back, but not as bad as previously.

I started prozac about 7 weeks ago and just got up to 20 mg one week ago. The last 3 days I’ve felt substantial improvement, so I hope this means it’s working and will last! If not, I’ll add something to the mix now that I’m aware of what is really going on.

Anyway, just wanted to commiserate with your story :slight_smile: I hope the Lexapro starts working quickly for you and keeps things at bay. Do you think you may stay on it longer this time? I’m thinking I’ll stay on the prozac for a longer time if it works, while I adjust diet and continue lifestyle adjustments.

Welcome back Dizzymama, but sorry you have to be here :frowning: . Wishing you the best of luck that you can nip this latest bout of MAV in the bud.


Anne! I’m so relieved to hear someone else who started this with pregnancy/birth. People look at me like I’m crazy when I start telling them about my issues. My Dr. actually diagnosed me with PPD too (but I KNEW there was something else…I was depressed for sure, but that was because I couldn’t get up off the couch due to the vertigo! And anxious for the same reasons). He put me on Lexapro for PPD and it happened to work for the MAV. I was finally able to get to Dr. Baloh and it was confrimed MAV…my history with migraines and motion sickness go back to childhood. I stayed on the Lexapro almost a year after my second childs birth and started weaning down because I felt good and also because I wanted to loose the baby weight (each time I tapered down, I lost weight…the same happened with my first pregnancy).

I have no idea how long I’ll stay on the Lexapro this time. I know you are supposed to give it a full year. At this point I don’t want to keep going on and off of it every year, so I may stay on more long term, pending side effects. I’m 99% sure we’re done having kids, I just can’t keep doing this to my body…I need to be healthy for my kids. It’s been hard for me though because if my body could handle it, I’d have a third. The time just goes too fast:(. It’s just not realistic though, we don’t have close family to help. I do feel totally blessed to have two great kids though and am really happy with my life…minus my stupid head!!!

Thanks for the welcome back and I hope to be sharing some good news soon…if the Lexapro works quickly!

I am there with you! I have had 4 kids and the first 2 were fine, but the 3rd and 4th affected me so badly! Dizzys and everything…Never been on meds, they had always said panic, anxiety, crap like that. I am not breathing right so of course I am dizzy…NOT…So its a hormone thing forsure, After I had my 4th baby LIfe was PERFECT, til she was like 2 and then its been slowly creeping back (now she is over6!) So i never wanna have another baby!!!I Have just learned about MAV…go figure, scared of the meds already, but I NEED help!


Was wondering if this is a drop in progesterone. Baby born, progesterone drops dramatically (they also think this is a cause of post natal depression as well), week before period (dizziness worse) more migraines …progesterone drops. Peri menopausal progesterone drops. Normal hormones with women, the oestrogen only starts dropping near the menopause whereas the progesterone starts to drop at around age 35 and keeps going down.

The article below shows the connection with progesterone and GABA.



Hey Dizzimama

Any results from starting the Lex? What’s the latest?

Wishing you speedy health x

Hi Muppo,

Thanks for checking in:). I started on a little less than five mg. and today is my fourth day. I definitely feel more amped up (a little unnerving, but okay because I feel like I have the energy to get caught up on some stuff that I’ve been to drained to get done recently). And I’ve been a little achy, like when you have the flu. I’ve noticed a very slight settling down of some of the vibrations and rocking sensations in my head and body. I feel a tad bit more grounded as well. I actually made it through the grocery store with two kids and still felt decent yesterday!!! I’ve had a dull headache the last few days that seems to be coming and going. It’s not quite a migraine, feels more like a dehyration headache. I’ll probably bump up to the full five for a few days and see how that goes, before starting to work my way up to 10mg. Oh, and my vision seems to be clearing up a bit too. I just keep telling myself that this medicine worked before, it should work again.

The thing that freaks me out a little is at night I’ve had episodes where I wake up and my arms and legs feel numb and weak, my pulse races and my headache goes away completely. It only lasts for a minute, then dies down and I’m back to sleep. It sounds like an anxiety attack, but feels different and in my experience I cannot calm myself down during an anxiety attack, whereas with this, I just breathe through it until it passes. I’ve had this off and on for the last year, but not this bad. Last time I had it this bad was when I was tapering off the Lexapro. So not sure if it’s related. I’m wondering if it has to do with taking Lexapro and Xzyzal (allergy med.) together. I should probably check with my dr.