Taking a sharp downhill plunge

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m headed sharply downhill.

For the last 5-7 days, I’ve had what are probably the worst days of my experience so far. I got the second blood draw for the western blot, but the results will take until (probably) mid-next week to come in.

Except for going for a car drive or ride, now NOTHING will temporarily stop or help to ignore the dizzy symptoms. I’ve become actually clumsy, whereas I wasn’t before. Anyway, I feel like I’m CONSTANTLY on a bad, jerky boat ride, sort of like I’m constantly feeling the sensation of going up-and-down, or left-and-right. Even lying down now doesn’t do much. This is a serious downward-turn, if you ask me! It’s been worse overall since last week, but the worst of it has been in the last couple of days.

(If I concentrate, sometimes I can control what direction the floating sensation seems to be moving.)

Any responses welcome, even if they’re just to remind me that the “cliff-diving treatment” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, despite what I keep thinking.

P.S. To answer Scott’s question, I’ve been told that the Diamox is wanted because, in both Lyme disease and other disorders, it’s shown to be very good in helping relieve neurological symptoms. Of course, an antibiotic would be needed to kill the Lyme itself, if that’s what this is.

George - this awful symptom that you describe has been with me for 2 years. I think it is a very common MAV symptom, unfortunately. You are not alone. I’m sure the majority on the members of this site experience your sxs as well. I wish you all the best.

Hi Lisa,

Well, on the whole, I certainly think I’ve been getting worse (not better, or even the same) with time, but this last week has become substantially worse than the symptoms were before.

Now, if that western blot comes back positive (and I sure as heck hope so) for Lyme, then it will be a very curious situation. Could it be that I am one of the rare few who actually has not MAV but an infectious disease?

Of course, if the second test is negative, well, I’ll be wondering why in the world the first test showed elevated Lyme-antibody levels. I’ll also be in the position of deciding whether to bother trying to convince my new doctor that migraine is to blame and/or that MAV actually exists.