Taking it lying down?

It’s pretty clear that many of us, when we have the bad headache or dizzies or whatever, benefit from a bit of quiet and dark.

It’s presently a changeable-weather time in the Washington metro area, and my head feels it. I also pushed myself a bit yesterday. Today I don’t HAVE to get anything done, but being self-employed, when I don’t work I can’t put in for sick leave or whatever, just because I’m a bit peaked. Aside from that, I don’t know whether my equivalent would be such a good idea.

What I’d like to know is this. When you are not actually wretched sick, but are under the weather, and do have the luxury of lying down, have you found that you are better off dozing the day away or staying with as close to a normal schedule and amount of things to do as possible?

I feel better by sticking to my normal routine. I tend to dwell on how I feel when I am dizzy, and sticking to regular activity helps this. If i am laying down, I just focus on how my head feels, etc…

Thanks, Amy.

And when you’re not so very bad, so that you could lie there and enjoy music, or maybe rest a bit and then read something lazy, but know that if you get up it will be the dizzies and headache or whatever? Or don’t you get that sort of inbetween level of challenge?

Today, for example, I feel damned lucky that I’m not facing any book or article deadlines, and didn’t have any electrical customers scheduled. But I worked on caulking a floor, sealing a toilet, getting next month’s column ready, laying out a newsletter–busy-busy. If I hadn’t done all this, I think–I think–I could have lain about pretty comfortably. And I kind of wonder if it would have done me good. Perhaps if I had just rested for a good part of the day, by late afternoon I would have had the energy to go swimming, which builds me up like nothing else these days. Then I could have had a very productive evening.