Talking on the phone

Hi, I’ve had this condition for about 18 months and just lately I’ve been finding it really difficult to talk on the phone. Having the handset right next to my ear, will set me off if I have to talk for more than five minutes.

Anyone else get this? I’ve just told my mum I had to end the call as my head got really swirly. Hate it. Terrifies me. Is it the vibration of noise down the phone doing this? Am I destined to just use speakerphone/Skype?

Yes, the phone used to set me off too. Not any more though. Don’t let it scare you … with time it will disappear once you get migraine under better control.


Thanks Scott x

you mentioned it but i always talk on speaker phone when i can- i have always been sensitive to noise i have been doing this even before mav- it just feels more comfortable for me.