Terrible Fatigue..Other Symptoms

Over the last several weeks the fatigue that has set in has been awful. It is all I can do to stay awake, I have to really force myself to not sleep most of the time. Do any of you experience this symptom…what to do?

Plus the muscle twitching and spasms have also increased too. They are all over my arms, legs, back , abdomen.

Feet are so very cold and podiatrist is having additional test done…plus she wants a nerve study done also to see if there is nerve damage.

I am growing very tired and weary.

Yes Ive been getting that too which is not like me at all , Im going through a flare up of symptoms with numbness and tingling and the tiredness is killing me at the moment.
I hate this illness and it is a illness wish people would realise that , my brains wired up wrong and im beginning to realise that I never thought it before but I know now as I dont know anyone else who get symptoms like I do apart from here .

Wonder what went wrong sometimes :frowning:

Gosh sorry Im depressing today , but yes I think tiredness is part and parcel of this thing especially during a flare up .

Very, very frustrating…

My symptoms are very, very ramped up. I feel like I am just going to pass out. I am very dizzy, wavy, whatever the heck it is that I am…