Terrible fires in Los Angeles

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure you heard we are having some bad fires in LA, and it’s very close to where I live. The air is so bad and it’s giving me a migraine, and my lungs hurt too.
Who lives in the LA area, and having similar problems?


Hey Em,

I was getting really concerned about you over there today, especially after we could see the fire leaping into the air driving down from your place on Thursday night. It’s bizarre, but Sydney gets hit exactly the same way some years with smoke all over the place. Sorry about the headache.

I’ll give you call later tonight if you’re around. What a novelty being in a similar time zone!


Hi Emma,

I think you and i are the only ones (from this forum) who live in the L.A. area. I live in Diamond Bar which is about 30 minutes east from Pasadena. The air hasnot bothered my lungs…yet. Last year the fires were only a couple miles from our home and my lungs really hurt so i know what your talking about.

Please be safe.